5 Delicious Spices That Burn Calories

Shed Pounds by Spicing Up Your Life!

Not only do spices add excitement to any dish, but your health and weight-loss goals will profit as well. Along with upgrading a boring dish to a delectable one, certain spices can affect your energy levels and metabolism in ways that promote weight loss! By simply sprinkling these 5 spices (in moderation!) over meals, you’ll be well on your way towards achieving your weight loss goals and a slimmer, energized you.

The following spices burn calories to help you lose weight or maintain the weight you’re already satisfied with! Along with them, we’ve sprinkled in a couple Skinny Ms. recipes that include these spices. So your taste buds will jump for joy, as well as your waistline! What are you waiting for? Read up on the wonderful weight loss benefits these spices boast, and add some zing and zest to your diet!

1. Cayenne Pepper
If you’ve tried this pepper, you know it has a kick- but we praise the kick! The spiciness in Cayenne raises your body temperature, boosting your metabolism. This causes you to burn more calories, because your body requires energy as it immediately attempts to cool itself. If you’re not used to pinching this fiery zest on your food or simply can’t handle the heat, check out some delicious Mexican dishes that call for this pepper in small amounts. You’ll love these recipes for Homemade Mexican Hot Chocolate Mix or Skinny Chicken Fajitas, and promise you’ll hardly recognize the calorie-burning Cayenne!

2. Black Pepper
Aside from enhancing the taste of any meal, the act of consuming black pepper has numerous beneficial side effects, including ones that will slim and slenderize! Piperine, the primary fat-fighting component in black pepper, gives the spice its unique punch while blocking the formation of new fat cells. It’s also a thermogenic food, meaning your body will burn more calories than it is using. Check out recipes for One-Pot Black Pepper Chicken, and Black Pepper Salmon with Avocado Salad, which cast this spice under a spotlight.

3. Cinnamon
A spoonful a day can wash the pounds away! Cinnamon not only tastes amazing, it also has numerous benefits including many that can aid in weight loss. First, it regulates blood sugar levels and prevents these levels from soaring and plummeting, activity which can lead to fat storage. At the same time, it mimics the way sugar is metabolized and in doing so, blocks the metabolism of sugar into fat. For an easy way to get your daily dose of this miracle spice, mix a spoonful along with a drizzle of honey into some herbal tea!

For mouthwatering recipe ideas that feature cinnamon, check out 11 Recipes With a Favorite Fall Spice- Cinnamon Of Course! 

4. Mustard
Ah, the marvelous mustard, serving to enhance the flavor in your sandwiches since day one. Lucky for you, this condiment has several benefits besides being virtually calorie-free and deliciously robust in taste. Squirt a little mustard on your meal to boost your metabolism and satiate you faster, so you’re less inclined to consume large portions. By substituting mustard for oils, dressings, and sugary condiments like ketchup, you can drastically cut down on your fat and carb intake without giving up flavor! Check out this light and healthy salad to get your dose of mustard in a delicious recipe.

5. Ginseng
For thousands of years, people have praised Ginseng for its all-curing properties and ability to stabilize body chemistry and functioning. But recently, it has made a name for itself for its weight-loss benefits as well! Research indicates that Ginseng’s constituent, ginsenoside Rg3, interacts with your cells in a way that prevents their ability to store energy as fat. This infringement on the cells’ fat-storage process can prevent you from packing on the pounds- it almost sounds too good to be true!

So that’s all for now-we hope this article served to spice up your life, and your spice rack!


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