5 Fresh Summer Smoothies

Yum up summertime.

You may not need to scream for ice cream when you indulge in healthy smoothies that deliver big on summer flavor. Put these 5 fresh summer smoothies on your menu.

Smoothies don’t need to be dripping with fat, sugar, and calories, like the ones you get at the smoothie shop. These homemade recipes are made with ingredients that don’t weigh you down with junk—that means you can enjoy these summer beverages without a drop of guilt. Sip on these during breakfast or snack time, or treat yourself to a light smoothie lunch.

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of making healthy smoothies at home either. The recipes below are fairly easy to prep, and several of them require only a few ingredients.

1. Chia Seed Berry Yogurt Smoothie

Treat your taste buds to this summer delight. It’s packed with four kinds of delicious berries that deliver antioxidants and fresh summer-y taste. This yogurt smoothie is also naturally sweetened so you can satisfy your sweet tooth guilt free.

2. Mango Lassi Smoothie

Cool down with this traditional Indian drink, which is perfect for kicking back on a hot summer afternoon. It’s made with milk, mango, Greek yogurt, and more. This creamy smoothie is a yummy way to mix up your warm weather drink menu.

3. Mango and Kiwi Shake

When you want delish summer smoothies that hit the spot on a hot day, this one should be on your go-to list. It has it all, from fiber to vitamin C to sweet summertime flavor.

4. Strawberry Sunrise Smoothie

This smoothie is so pretty you can serve it to guests at get-togethers, like baby showers or book club meetings. Plus, it includes only four ingredients, making it a low-hassle smoothie recipe for breakfast on a warm summer morning.

5. Creamy Orange Passion Smoothie

Remember those orange and vanilla popsicles you loved as a kid? This delivers that same flavor, except this recipe is made with good-for-you ingredients, like almond milk and Greek yogurt.


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