5 Moves to Get Rid of Bra Fat

Tone your upper back to fight that pesky bulge!

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Bra fat is the unsightly bulge that forms when the elastic of your bra squeezes your torso. Don’t worry; it doesn’t mean you’re out of shape or overweight. In fact, the bulge is something that happens naturally when elastics are tied around any soft part of your body. If you don’t like the appearance of bra fat and you want a smoother look under your t-shirts, we have the best upper back and shoulder exercises that target the excess fat.

Targeted fat removal is difficult, so try combining this workout with our 7-Day Fat-Blasting Menu. Hard work and smarter meal choices are the best combo for succeeding in your fitness goals!

5 Moves to Get Rid of Bra Fat

The shoulder press is an upper body workout that's great for getting rid of bra bulge

One way to prevent bra fat is by toning the muscles on your upper back and laterals. Firm tissue will bulge less than soft tissue. This five-move workout will help you target those stubborn areas with upper back exercises that tone and strengthen your muscles. Doing the moves in quick succession will raise your heart rate to help you burn excess fat throughout the entire body!

What You’ll Need: For this workout, you’ll need a set of light to medium dumbbells (8 to 15 pounds), a gym mat, and a kettlebell. One dumbbell can be substituted for the kettlebell.

Perform 12 reps of each exercise in order, with 15-second breaks in between. After finishing all the exercises, rest for 60 seconds and repeat until you complete all the rounds.

Beginners should complete two rounds. If you’re at an intermediate fitness level, complete three rounds. Advanced levels should complete five rounds.

  • Up & Down Plank (12 reps each side): Planks are an amazing core exercise. Adding any variation helps to further build and strengthen your core for stability and endurance. Keep your abs rolled into your spine.
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press: This is a standard for toning and shaping your triceps and shoulders. Try not to rest at the top or bottom of the movement. Once your arms end at 90 degrees, press right back up.
  • Kettlebell Sumo High Pull: This exercise is a great compound exercise for building and toning both your lower body as well as your arms and shoulders.
  • One-Arm Dumbbell Row (12 reps each side): The dumbbell row is great for isolating your back muscles. Bigger muscles help with toning and blasting body fat.
  • Jump Squat to Shoulder Press: Another compound exercise, this exercise works your lower body, back, shoulders, and triceps. Use light weights to ensure your moves are explosive on the jump. The harder you push and work, the better the results.


Up & Down Plank

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Kettlebell Sumo High Pulls

One-Arm Dumbbell Row

Jump Squat to Shoulder Press

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on October 8, 2016.

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