5 Tips and Tricks to Banish Cellulite for Good

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that cellulite stinks. This non-discriminating body fat afflicts up to 90% of women [1], leaving a landscape of bumps and lumps in its wake. While it may be normal, you can take steps to reduce its look and feel. Learn 5 tips and tricks to banish the appearance of cellulite for good.

Cellulite can strike regardless of age, weight, health, or ethnic background, although it may be more noticeable in those with lighter complexions. The bumpy stuff is often genetic, which means if your mom or sister has it, you can expect it as well. It can increase in appearance based on factors like poor diet, rapid weight fluctuations, and hormonal changes.

Since many factors, including genetics, play a role in cellulite’s appearance, it may be impossible to eliminate it entirely. However, adding these healthy lifestyle habits to your routine can banish the worst of its appearance for good and help you feel more confident in your beautiful skin.
1. Hydrate. Then hydrate more.
Dehydration prevents the body from eliminating toxins and waste that contribute to cellulite’s appearance. Good hydration improves skin’s texture by flushing excess fluid and waste out of the body. Enjoy plain water or try Ginger, Lime, and Mint-Flavored Sparkling Water or Strawberry-Basil Water.

2. Clean up your menu.
Help banish the appearance of cellulite with the right menu. Foods like salmon, berries, seeds, nuts, olive oil, and more offer nutrients that nourish lean muscle tissue and boost the metabolism. Stick to clean eating foods, which are unprocessed or minimally processed foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Check out 11 Best Foods for Cellulite Reduction.

3. Pamper the skin with dry brushing.
This beauty technique involves using a brush on the surface of the skin. Dry brushing stimulates fat cells to release trapped toxins more efficiently. Learn more in Dry Brushing: Secret to Beautiful Skin. To max out your cellulite skin care routine, try the DIY Cellulite Scrub.

4. Target the bumpy areas.
Toning trouble spots will build lean muscle and burn fat for a less noticeable appearance. Use exercise routines like 5 Moves for Thinner Thighs, 6-Minute Butt-Shaping Workout, or 4-Minute Belly Fat Blaster.

5. Stop the yo-yo.
Rapid or frequent weight fluctuations strain skin’s elasticity, so you can help fight cellulite by maintaining a consistent, healthy weight. Combine a nutritious diet and regular workouts to lose weight and keep it off for good. If you’re new to exercise or haven’t sweated it out in a while, try some Beginner Workouts. If you’re ready for a challenge, add Fat Blasters to your routine a few times a week. Always speak with your doctor about safe weight gain or loss if you’re pregnant or nursing.


[1] Scientific American

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