5 Ways Daily Meditation Can Help You Lose Weight

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You’ve tried everything to drop those pesky pounds, from intensifying your exercise routine to restricting calories. Although a few extra minutes on the treadmill and smaller portions at mealtime can help you lose inches in theory, your mindset and stress levels could be preventing you from achieving your goals.


Between your weekly Pilates and kickboxing classes coupled with that strict vegan menu you’re following, the hustle and bustle surrounding your weight can pile on extra stress and anxiety, two components that can certainly interfere with your progress. Meanwhile, this mentality can cause you to lose awareness of your thoughts and actions, and ultimately make compromising choices when it comes to eating.

When it comes to weight loss, meditation can serve as your secret weapon. Extensive research surrounding meditation and mindfulness practices prove that these exercises are closely linked to weight loss. First, they boost your awareness and lower stress levels, two concepts that will banish belly fat when channeled correctly. An attentive mind will also prevent you from emotional eating and binge eating.

Here at SkinnyMs., we’ve grouped together 5 incredible ways a daily meditation practice can help you lose weight. Sure, sitting in stillness doesn’t burn calories like sweating it out on the elliptical would; however, it’ll balance your nervous system and ward off stress, transforming your body into a conducive weight loss machine. So if you haven’t hopped on the meditation bandwagon yet, it’s about time you did. Get ready to sit back, relax, and see how stillness can help you slim down!


1. Lowers Stress

Not only will meditation help you feel calmer, but it actually has a stress-reducing biological impact on your body. Between work, kids, and your endless list of responsibilities, it’s no surprise you might feel stressed on the daily. Unfortunately, tension-filled times cause your body to produce more cortisol, the stress hormone that, in excess, messes with your insulin and blood sugar levels and invite weight gain. Research shows that meditation activates the relaxation response, re-aligning your nervous system and ultimately reducing cortisol levels.

Just a few minutes of conscious breathing is enough to reap the cortisol-lowering benefits of meditation! Namaste.

Pairing meditation with daily exercise and the right diet will dramatically lower your stress levels. Check out these 5 Workouts to Help You Combat Stress and load up on these 10 Stress-Relieving Superfoods!

2. Promotes a Surrender to Intention

Oftentimes meditators like to focus on a specific concept or goal they have in mind. Meditating on losing weight channels all your energy and intention to one specific goal. Here, you surrender to this intention by releasing it to the universe, silently shouting your goal to the world. Ultimately, your conscious and subconscious mind are aware of your intent to shed those pesky pounds. This powerful intention will stay with you throughout the day and help you achieve your goals consciously, and subconsciously, by remaining at the forefront of your mind while dodging distractions.

3. Promote Conscious Eating

Daily meditation boosts your awareness and mindfulness levels, allowing you to live fully in the present. Although this sounds subjective, it’s not. Meditation will help you gain a heightened sense of awareness of your actions and thoughts, helping you think twice before giving into impulse. Instead of allowing cravings to consume your mind, you’ll develop the power to shoe these cravings away and handle them with greater awareness and intention. When you do sit down to eat, your heightened awareness will make it easier to appreciate the rich flavors and textures of your food, instead of scarfing it down and taking meals for granted.

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