5 Easy Ways to Add Flavor and Color to Your Summer Salad

Summer is just around the corner! Get ready to kiss soups and stews goodbye, and welcome cool crisp salads back into your lunchbox. Salads are a great way to add color to your diet with various vegetables, fruits and proteins. Don’t let your combinations get old this summer. Try experimenting with a different type of salad every week to keep things fresh and keep you wanting healthy summers all year round. Read on for 5 Easy Ways to Add Flavor and Color to Your Summer Salad.

Here are five different light and seasonal salad add-ons to keep things interesting:

1. Fluff it Up with Quinoa
We love quinoa around here, and it’s a great way to add protein and texture to your salad. Cook 3-4 cups of quinoa at the beginning of the week and keep it in the fridge. Add 1 cup of cooked quinoa to your regular green salad. Try this yummy Quionoa Salad Recipe. For extra flavor, toss the quinoa in a little bit of olive oil and your favorite vinaigrette. We love this Blood Orange Vinaigrette!

2. Take on a Mexican Twist
Guacamole and salsa aren’t just for chips and tacos. Adding them to the top of your salad will create a carb-free burrito that will leave you feeling full but not bogged down. Don’t forget to squeeze some lime juice on top for an added kick. Our Skinny Guacamole is to die for!

3. Add an Asian Flair
Instead putting ingredients on top of your salad, why not serve your salad on top of a small bed of cooked rice noodles? Just ½ cup of noodles will add texture and will provide another vehicle to soak up your favorite Miso Dressing.

4. Pile on the Fresh Fruit
One of our favorite ways to add color to our salads is to add fresh fruit. Strawberries pair great with spinach, mangos pair well with mixed greens, apples pair well with romaine…the list goes on. Adding a half cup of fresh, diced fruit will add a punch of flavor and even allow you to reduce the amount of dressing you pour on. You’ll love our Strawberry and Avocado Salad!

5. Go for Grilled Vegetables
Make the most of weekend grilling time by throwing some extra vegetables on and saving them for your lunches. The dry heat adds great flavor to the vegetables without them soaking in unnecessary oils and butter. Red peppers, corn, squash, zucchini and sweet potatoes are a great place to start. Try this Grilled Eggplant and Zucchini Salad.



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