7 Cold Desserts to Tingle Your Taste Buds

Time for summer heat = time for cold desserts!

Time for summer heat = time for cold desserts! Instead of reaching for a tub of ice cream in the frozen foods section of the grocery store this summer, stock up on cold dessert recipes to make sure you’re eating not only cold, but clean desserts. Check out these 7 cold desserts to tingle your taste buds.

Blackberry-Banana Ice Cream

1. Blackberry-Banana Ice Cream
Fruit, milk, honey, and a food processor are all you need to throw this quick and delicious ice cream together. It’s low in calories and high in fiber.

Lush Lemon Frozen Yogurt

2. Lush Lemon Frozen Yogurt
By using Greek yogurt, you’ll get a protein-packed and zippy cold dessert with this frozen yogurt, not to mention a fair amount of vitamin C from the lemons. Only 128 calories!

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Banana Cream, A Healthy Ice Cream

3. Banana Cream Ice Cream
This recipe gives you plenty of options to spice up and flavor your basic homemade banana ice cream and make it suit your tastes. Recommendations include crushed walnuts, cinnamon, and cacao powder.

4. Chocolate Mint Tea Ice Cream
Looking for something a little more…grown up? This sophisticated ice cream is made with coconut milk, avocado, mint leaves, and tea for a truly unique dessert. Mint is high in vitamin C and carotenes, which are cell-protecting antioxidants.

Refreshing Lemon-Lime Popsicles

5. Lemon-Lime Popsicle
This classic, refreshing flavor combination gives you loads of vitamin C. Simply pour some fruit juice and a natural sweetener into popsicle molds and pop them in the freezer!

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Raspberry-Peach Sorbet

6. Raspberry-Peach Sorbet
This sorbet only requires a blender and a freezable container. It’s full of antioxidants and fiber, and it has fewer than 100 calories per serving.

Superfood Banana Pops

7. Superfood Banana Pops
Can you think of a healthier dessert than a frozen piece of fruit dipped in antioxidant-rich chocolate and covered in superfood goji berries? These pops are easy to throw together and delight your friends with.

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