7 Ways To Get Lean & Sculpted

These expert-driven moves work magic with your endurance, power, coordination and flexibility.

Are you ready to de-flab and reveal a lean, sculpted figure instead? Here at Skinny Ms., we’re hooking you up with 7 ways to mold your body into the physique of your dreams. These expert-driven moves work magic with your endurance, power, coordination and flexibility, while functioning as total-body routines that target multiple muscle groups at once. From HIIT circuit workouts to killer bootcamps, these routines challenge your entire body while torching calories. They’ll bump your ordinary workout regime up a notch to sculpt and strengthen, while rooting out any muscle imbalances. Just remember to allow for a recovery period afterwards!

1. Killer Circuit Bootcamp
What’s better than circuit training? Boot camp and circuit training! This workout combines two fast paced workouts to sculpt your entire body.

2. 10-Minute HIIT Circuit Workout
Circuits burn fat and build muscle in short but quick rounds. Use this 10 minute routine to reshape and rebuild your body

3. 4 Minute Lean-Down Workout
A lot can happen in four minutes, especially with this workout. Use this tabata routine to push every ounce of energy out of your body and get lean!

4. 9 Exercises That Tone from Head to Toe
There are hundreds of workouts you can do that will take hours to change our body. These nine exercises target multiple muscles at once to give you a tough but fast toning workout.

5. 15-Minute Fat Burning Boot Camp
Bootcamps are designed to be tough. Hard work equals good work when it comes to fitness. Use this workout to blast fat from start to end.

6. Ya Gotta Tabata On The Treadmill!
Running is a full body sport and mixing in some running with your strength training is guaranteed to change your body. Use this treadmill routine to cheat your way to a better body.

7. Do-Anywhere Cardio Workout Challenge
Cardio work gets your heart racing, body working and blood flowing. This cardio workout is a total body routine you can enjoy anywhere you want.

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