9 Skinny Summer Treats

Cool off with the healthiest summer desserts!

During the summer, is there anything better than sitting in the sand with a cold treat in your hand? How about if that treat were guilt-free? Skinny Ms. has compiled nine of our favorite healthy summer desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth, your over-heated body, and your health-conscious mind.

These healthy treats for summer will bring back memories of your carefree days as a kid, but this time we’ll hold the artificial flavors and superfluous calories. And best of all? You won’t notice that we did that. These Skinny Ms. frozen desserts are made with some of the best stuff on earth. We’ve got real cantaloupe in our refreshing cantaloupe granitas, whole happy strawberries in our skinny strawberry ice cream, and straight-from-the-fruit lemon and lime juice for our super scrumptious lemon-lime popsicles. Browse below for your craving and enjoy the guilt-free indulging!

1. Lush Lemon Frozen Yogurt
When you’re craving ice cream, but not calories, reach for the Skinny Ms. lemon frozen yogurt instead. Made with low-fat Greek yogurt and stevia or agave nectar for sweetener, you’ve got all the flavor without the fat.

2. Peanut Butter Banana Cups
Love the way peanut butter cups taste, but not how they look on your hips? Fear not! Our Skinny Ms. peanut butter cups are made with 100% clean eating ingredients -meaning 100% flavor and 0% regret.

3. Cantaloupe Granita
Looking for something simple, yet elegant? The Skinny Ms. cantaloupe granita is your answer. Just fruit, ice, and a natural sweetener yields one of the loveliest healthy treats for summer. Don’t just take our word for it. Try for yourself and see!

4. Skinny Watermelon Sorbet
Need quick and easy? Look no further. The Skinny Ms. watermelon sorbet has only two ingredients! All you need is half of a watermelon and some lemon juice. Ok, and maybe just a blender and a little patience. But that’s all! Healthy and refreshing in a jiffy.

5. Superfood Banana Pops
Looking for the creamy but not the calorie? And hoping for the tasty, but yearning for the healthy? Check out these superfood banana pops! Not only are they easy and satisfying healthy treats for summer, but you can coat them in your choice of superfood toppings -so they’re not only not bad for you, they’re actually great for you!

6. Banana Cream, A Healthy Ice Cream
We know it seems like an oxymoron, but Skinny Ms. has indeed created a healthy ice cream treat. Celebrate! Do a happy dance. Trust us, we did, too. Made with creamy almond butter and bananas, you might even like it better than the real thing.

7. Skinny Strawberry Ice Cream
Now it may be unusual to see “skinny” and “ice cream” in the same sentence, let alone in the title of a single dessert. But don’t despair, it’s for real! Skinny Ms. strawberry ice cream replaces fat with protein and calories with nutrients. Go ahead, indulge.

8. Refreshing Lemon Lime Popsicles
The popsicle is one of life’s classic frozen desserts. You really can’t argue with that. And now you don’t have to! The Skinny Ms. lemon lime popsicles have all the tasty nostalgia of the old-school kind, but now with all the healthy ingredients for the modern mind.

9. Pina Colada Pops
Craving a summer treat inspired by the steel drum bands? Want to take a few minutes with your eyes closed to imagine yourself sipping a pina colada on the beach? Then the Skinny Ms. pina colada pops are for you. But instead of getting a buzz, you’ll get vitamins, and instead of a hangover, fiber! Now what does your beach body say to that?

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