Four At-Home Workouts to Get You in Amazing Shape

You don't have to go to the gym to get a good workout in!

At-Home Workouts to Get You in Amazing Shape

At-home workouts have a reputation for being easier than gym workouts, however they aren’t always as easy as you’d expect. In fact, you can get a workout that is not only comparable to that of a gym workout, but even better! If you want to get in shape, don’t think that you have to spend tons of time or money on a gym membership either. Your best body can be built in the comfort of your own home in as little as a few minutes per day. These four at-home workouts to get you in amazing shape will redefine your ideas of what an at-home workout really looks like!

Make the most of your fitness routine by building a workout that utilizes a variety of exercises below. Also, remember to continually switching it up to keep your body challenged and changing.

Four At-Home Workouts to Get You in Amazing Shape

Cardiovascular Workouts

You can burn about 100 calories per mile walking, while running a mile can burn closer to 200. 15 minutes of high-intensity intervals can also burn close to 200 calories. Other aerobic exercises like jumping rope can burn about 20 calories per minute. Combine these different forms of cardio throughout the week for an exciting and effective routine. We have plenty of routines that incorporate these forms of exercise. Check out our HIIT and cardio routines, as well as this Jump Rope Challenge.

Strength Training

Weight lifting offers a variety of benefits, from more resting calorie burn, to a tight and toned body. It’s imperative that you don’t forget this important part of your at home workout routine. By increasing the resistance progressively each week (example: week 1 – 5 lbs dumbbells, week 2 – 8 lb dumbbells, etc…) you can continue to improve your muscle density (Pssst: this means getting more toned!)

Don’t fear that you will get “bulky” either! You’ll tighten your muscles, burn fat, and look leaner than ever! Developing your muscles makes cardiovascular workouts a little easier too, and by doing compound exercises you can strengthen your entire body in just a few short weeks.

Check out these helpful routines: 

Combination Workouts

Combination workouts deliver the benefits of all the various types of exercise in one workout. By doing interval training (sprints) along with weight training and core training, and a quick circuit of cardiovascular exercise, you gain optimal results.

For example, try a combination of resistance exercises at a fast pace, and then change activities every 5 minutes, for a 40-minute workout that never leaves you bored. Try a combination of jumping rope, sprints, lunges, jumping jacks, push-ups, and weight lifting.

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Flexibility Workouts

By improving your flexibility, you’ll enjoy a boost in strength and fat burn. Being limber will allow you to run longer, squat deeper, and just get more out of each workout. Try a beginner routine or step it u with an intense yoga flow to burn calories. Any yoga routine you choose will help restore your body and mind!

Any of our at-home workouts to get you in amazing shape are excellent options. At-home workouts are easy to find at Skinny Ms. You CAN get into the best shape of your life right at home. Check back regularly to find new and exciting at-home workout routines and challenges!

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