21 Days to Total Body Toning Workout Challenge

Bring out the shape and look your body was always meant to have.

21 Days to Total Body Toning

Many athletes dedicate a different day of the week to each muscle group, but that doesn’t mean you have to! Our 21 Days to Total Body Toning workout challenge gives you the gift of minimal thinking and maximum work to burn excess fat and bring out the shape and look your body was always meant to have.

This 21-day challenge includes some of our favorite total body workouts! It’s a fun way to get quick results without spending hours at the gym. The best way to tone your body is to stay focused and work hard. Week one solely focuses on total body workouts, but week two and three offer fast-paced isolated muscle workouts in addition to the total body routines. It all comes together to build muscle while giving your muscles groups a little time to recover.

Grab all the essentials and get ready for 21 life changing days!

21 Days to Total Body Toning

What to Do: Complete the challenge below by following completing each day’s workout plan.

What you’ll Need: A yoga mat, an interval timer (available on most phones), a range of dumbbell weights, and a range of kettlebell weights

Week 1

21 Days to Total Body Toning

Compliment this 21 days to total body toning plan with our 21-Day Weight Loss Menu

Day 1: 10-Minute Body Toning Workout
Day 2: 20 Minute Weight-Loss Workout
Rest Day 3
Day 4: Killer Circuit Bootcamp
Rest Day 5
Day 6: 10 Minute At-Home Fat Blasting Workout
Day 7: 10-Minute Metabolism Booster

Week 2

21 Days to Body Toning

Keep the body toning and weight loss going with these 5 Important Changes to Make for Lasting Weight Loss.

Day 8: Daily Morning Core Workout
Rest Day 9
Day 10: Fast 16-Minute Workout to Burn Calories All Day Long
Day 11: 10-Minute Tabata Workout for Arms & Abs
Rest Day 12
Day 13: Ripped Abs Workout
Day 14: High-Intensity Total Body HIIT

Week 3

Total Body Toning in 21 Days

For this last week, perform these workouts in the morning to keep your metabolism working all day.

Day 15: HIIT Arms & Shoulder Workout
Day 16: The Best Fat-Burning Lower Body HIIT Workout
Rest Day 17:
Day 18: 10-Minute HIIT Circuit Workout
Day 19: HIIT Kettlebell Fat Blaster
Rest Day 20
Day 21: HIIT Total Body Toning

After these 21 days for total body toning, take on the next challenge with our 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

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