5 Common Habits that’ll Sabotage Weight Loss Goals

Stuck in a weight loss rut? Stop doing these 5 things!

Lost Your Way, Not Your Weight? 5 Tips to Get Back on Track!

You’d be surprised at these seemingly harmless common habits that’ll sabotage weight loss goals.

So you’ve taken the proper weight loss measures. You cleaned up your diet and boosted your exercise routine. But after stepping on the scale, you notice the needle hasn’t budged since your last weigh-in. What gives?

More often than not, a static number on the scale could have to do with your own sneaky behaviors. When it comes to weight loss, sometimes you are your own worst enemy, the ruthless culprit preventing you from achieving the smaller waistline you strive for.

Seemingly harmless habits like not drinking enough water or not getting enough quality ZZZs can throw a wrench in your weight loss journey. Sometimes it can even undo your progress, causing you to gain pounds!

Sure, habits are hard to break, especially if you’ve pursued them your entire life. But continuing to make certain life choices or engage in disrupting behaviors will have you falling short on your goals indefinitely.

Here at Skinny Ms., we’re pointing out 5 super common habits that sabotage your weight loss efforts, and how mindfulness of these habits will help you tweak your routine and become your healthiest self.

It doesn’t mean you have to turn a new leaf overnight. Instead, just being honest with yourself and mindful of the consequences can help you stay on the right track!

Restraining these behaviors from your lifestyle will get you back on track to losing weight and achieving the slimmer figure of your dreams!

1. You skip breakfast.

You might think you’re making a clever move by skipping breakfast, since it means crossing one meal’s worth of calories off your daily intake. Nevertheless, you might be doing more harm than good.

For most people, breakfast and weight loss go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly. A morning meal upon waking will rev up your metabolism and have you burning calories and fat optimally throughout the day.

On the other hand, forgetting breakfast and fasting until lunchtime puts your system in starvation mode. Your body tries to conserve energy, making you feel sluggish and ultimately burning fewer calories.

When in starvation mode, your body actively collects the lipids and fats within reach to store them for later, usually around your midsection. This means skipping the most important meal of the day can have you accumulating pounds. Yikes!

Check out these delicious Top 10 Breakfast Recipes for Weight Loss for some quick and easy morning meal ideas.

Additionally, research has suggested that starting your day with a high-protein egg breakfast could help boost your weight loss. Among participants in the study, those that ate an egg breakfast consumed fewer calories throughout the day!

Recipes such as these Bacon and Egg Breakfast Muffins and this low-calorie Mediterranean Egg White Frittata are great go-to options.

2. You eat on the go.

We get it. You don’t always have time to squeeze in a sit-down meal, and your busy schedule makes it tempting to grab some grub on the go. But regularly eating on the run can compromise your weight loss goals, and certainly invite some unwanted inches around your waistline.

When you rush-eat, more often than not you’re distracted and have shifted your attention away from your food.

This mindless eating plays games with your brain, infringing on its ability to feel the same satisfaction you get from savoring and acknowledging your meals. This throws your hunger and fullness signals off, causing you to feel hungry and overeat, even when you’ve had enough.

Research suggests you’re also likely to consume heavier, more caloric meals when you eat and run, especially when you opt for fast food instead of preparing your own meals.

Luckily, you can still eat quick and healthy meals while on a time crunch. These 15 Quick and Easy Veggie-Packed Breakfasts or these awesome 5 Quick and Easy Protein-Packed Smoothies make whipping up satisfying meals a cinch, and you can enjoy these guilt-free as you run out the door.

Additionally, you can make your own healthy versions of TV dinners with some 5-Ingredient Crockpot Freezer Meals. Toss all the ingredients in. Let it cook while you run errands, and then freeze for effortless weeknight dinners!

3. You stock up on “light” products.

Tread carefully around descriptions like “low-fat” or “fat-free.” Ironic as it might seem, products flaunting these labels are surefire recipes for weight gain.

Manufactured products boast these “lighter” features in attempts to fool consumers into thinking they’re making healthier choices. But deconstructing the ingredients in many of these products might frighten you.

Manufacturers want to keep their products tasting delicious. When you pick up a “fat-free” product it’s often injected with artificial flavor enhancers and highly processed products such as high fructose corn syrup and corn syrup solids.

This means that a “fat-free” product might actually be replacing healthy fats with unhealthy processed sugar and artificial ingredients, all of which can wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels and metabolism.

Conversely, a product labeled “sugar-free” might compensate with cheap oils, artificial sweeteners, and other harmful additives.

Steer clear of these nightmarish ingredients by whipping up your own snacks at home. Here are 15 Low Calorie Snacks that’ll Change your Life. And get informed about the link between processed sugars and weight gain by checking out our guide on Artificial Sweeteners and Weight Gain

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  1. There is only ONE thing preventing you from losing weight: more calories in than out.
    Please also read about metabolisms before claiming you have a slow one. Chances are, not only will you have it backwards, you’ll also be laying the blame on the wrong thing for your weight. (Sorry, but the blame is still on the whole “too many calories in; too few out” thing.)

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