DIY – All Natural Pet Stain Remover

Banish pet stains the all natural way.

No matter how well trained, sometimes pets still have accidents. With the use of two everyday items you can sanitize, deodorize, and clean pet stains in a matter of minutes. And since we know that you want the best for your pet’s health, and your own, these all natural, DIY pet stain removers will appeal to you, as they keep your home environment chemical and toxin-free.

Remove Pet Stains & Smells With Just 2-Ingredients

Key Ingredient and Why it Works:

Distilled White Vinegar – Vinegar is a multi-purpose treasure. From being a germicide, a natural deodorizer, and a mild disinfectant, vinegar is one of the best solutions to use around the house for everyday upkeep.

What to Do:

1. Preferably in an empty spray bottle, mix equal parts warm water and distilled white vinegar.

2. Shake or stir the mixture to spread both liquids evenly.

3. On liquid stains attempt to soak up an excess liquid first then spray the mix over the stained area.

4. If there are any solids, pick them up first, proceed to soak up any excess liquid and spray the mix over the stained area.

5. Allow the mixture to dry for a minute then blot with a damped light colored cloth. The vinegar scent will fade away also.

6. If the stain is still present, allow the area to dry and repeat the process again once dry.

Sources: Co-Founder of Skinny Ms., Gale Compton swears by this White Vinegar Miracle. In fact, when her husband recently spilled red white on their newly purchased cream colored sofa, she grabbed the vinegar spray bottle and hoped for the best. After a few applications and a lot of blotting, the stain completely came out. Even Gale was amazed that the red wine stain came out. HouseCleaningCentral

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