Early-Bird Boot Camp Workout

Rise, shine, and get moving!

Early-Bird Boot Camp Workout

Who needs coffee for a wake up call when you have burpees to do? This early-bird boot camp workout is the only wake up call you’ll ever need. Roll out of bed and get ready to start your day with a bit of sweat and a fantastic jolt to your metabolism.

Exercising in the morning poses amazing benefits for the body. It jumpstarts your metabolism, allowing you to blast fat throughout the day. Exercise also releases endorphins, a nice reward system that makes us happy and feeling great. If you start your day strong and happy, guess how you’ll transition throughout the day and end it? You guessed it! Boot camp starts now.

Early-Bird Boot Camp Workout

Equipment Needed: Interval timer (Gymboss is a free app download), yoga mat, towel, water to stay hydrated.

What to do: Read the routine and descriptions below. Watch the videos to become familiar with each exercise. Perform each exercise for 20 seconds, rest 15 seconds after each one, and repeat the routine three times. These exercises are meant to start your day off strong. Stick with them! This routine is just under 9 minutes. Perform your Early-Bird Boot Camp three times per week for amazing results.


1. Jumping Jacks
2. Prisoner Squats
3. Tricep Push-ups
4. Skaters
5. Squat Jump

Instructional Videos

Jumping Jacks

Prisoner Squats

Tricep Pushups


Squat Jump

Great job on completing the Early-Bird Boot Camp Workout! You’ve worked hard, now you need fuel for the day. Try these awesome healthy recipes out:

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