7 Easy Meal Prep Ideas to Prep Once And Eat Clean All Week!

A busy life doesn't mean you have to sacrifice a healthy life. Meal prep might be your answer.

3. Easy Roasted Beet and Pecan Salad

Salads can be incredibly delicious and healthy when the right ingredients are chosen. Leafy greens, roasted juicy beets, sweet and crunch pecans, and rich blue cheese crumbles come together to make a superb salad.

Roast the beets on a Sunday, and just combine everything when you’re ready to eat — no more prepping required!

Sometimes meal prepping can go a little bit overboard: cooking things and placing ingredients in individualized bowls. It can be a little fun project if you want it to be, but if that’s not really your jam, chopping veggies and fruits and tossing them together to make salads will shave off so much time from your morning routine.

4. Low-Carb Philly Cheesesteaks

These low-carb Philly cheesesteaks are a great addition to your easy meal prep ideas you can prep once to eat clean all week. They’re fast, healthy, and require very little prep work.

This low-carb recipe is packed with all the juicy steak and melted cheese you crave from a classic Philly cheesesteak, but in place of heavy bulkie rolls, you get fresh and crunchy bibb lettuce. Lean meat and low-fat provolone leave you feeling satisfied.

Prep on a Sunday, put in the fridge, and take what you need out for an on-the-go lunch, a pre-workout snack, or even a light dinner.

These are the ideal option for someone who is looking for a no-fuss, minimal ingredient meal prep option.

5. How to Make Slow Cooker Stuffed Bell Peppers

This slow cooker stuffed bell peppers recipe is a wonderfully satisfying and delicious addition to your easy meal prep ideas you can prep once to eat clean all week. This healthy meal is great for those who don’t want the fuss of hands-on cooking.

Slow cooker meals keep things simple, as you simply toss in several ingredients and walk away as the meal comes together all on its own. You can go run errands, work out, go to a movie, or enjoy a nice day in the park on a Sunday, then come home and have a house swirling with incredible smells.

The recipe will make enough for you to scoop up in a to-go container, enjoy at home between appointments, or for consecutive dinners.

The meal features minimal but delicious ingredients, including 4 large bell peppers, ground turkey, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, black pepper, a large egg, whole wheat Panko bread crumbs, and no-sugar added marinara.

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