22 Easy Paleo Dinner Recipes

It's time to add some new paleo recipes to your repertoire.

Eating paleo can be an incredible way to retrain your body to eat whole foods. Gone are processed foods that only add inflammation, create cravings, and add to your waistline. But with any healthy-eating lifestyle, sometimes you need a change to keep things fresh and inspiring. If you’re stuck in a paleo rut, just give these delicious and easy paleo dinner recipes a go.

I’ve found that by incorporating these dinner recipes into my diet, my waistline has shrunken. And that’s not all! I’ve also found that my energy levels have increased along with my mood! I used to feel super sluggish come five o’clock. Now, thanks to the wholesomeness of paleo-friendly foods, I’m wide awake. I have more energy in my workouts in the mornings, too. This, of course, only helps in losing weight.

It also boosts my mood even more because, well, exercising makes you happy! I learned that one first from Elle Woods in Legally Blonde and then again from experience. The better workout I get in, the better mood I’m in! So, getting better workouts in, thanks to the boost of energy I get from eating these paleo dinners, is definitely a mood booster!

With these recipes, you’ll find an array of mouthwatering, delicious, and incredible healthy recipes that will give your paleo lifestyle a fresh face. And the best part? They’re oh-so-easy to whip up! From no-fuss slow cooker recipes to grilled fish and meat, and fun and healthy takes on classics like shrimp and grits and pasta, there’s a little something for everyone here!

Remember, eating well doesn’t have to be intimidating. Busy nights, busy lifestyles, and even a lack of cooking skills doesn’t have to get in the way of keeping your health and weight in check. These 22 easy Paleo recipes prove it.

1. Slow Cooker Beef Curry

You’ve got to love a good slow cooker recipe–especially one that fills your whole house with a delicious, homey aroma! This slow cooker beef curry is a great addition to your easy paleo dinner recipes, as it’s bursting with flavor, but full of lean meat. Plus, you’re sure to get nice and full with just a serving. It always keeps my energy levels up until bedtime!

2. One Pan Apple Cinnamon Pork Chops

Pork chops and apple sauce are a classic combination, but store-bought sauces are usually super high in sugar, sodium, and other unnatural ingredients. This recipe keeps things Paleo by making the sauce from scratch. These savory pork chops are perfectly complemented by tart green apples and caramelized onions. As a bonus, it’s a one-pan meal so you know clean-up will be a breeze. Clean eating and easy preparation – sounds like a winner to me!

3. Cauliflower Stir-Fry

One look at cauliflower, and you might see a big ball of confusion. You wonder how to cut it, how to use it, and if it will even taste good!

Cauliflower is such a diverse cruciferous vegetable that is a great replacement for meat and high-carb foods. In this recipe, you pulse the cauliflower in the food processor until it is broken down into a rice-like texture, and then stir-fry it.

The recipe takes just five minutes to prepare, and only 15 minutes to cook!

4. Grilled Tilapia with Garlic Tamari Mushrooms

This delish dish is filled with flavor, from the savory grilled tilapia to the intense garlic and meaty mushrooms. The dish is low in fat and calories, and doesn’t require a ton of prep or cooking! And while it may seem light, it’s definitely a filling meal. I love to serve this recipe with a green vegetable and side salad.

5. Easy Mexican Salad

Not all Mexican food has to be bad for you! I know, I know, it’s great news!

I mean, sure, when you stuff rice, beans, and cheese into a carb-loaded tortilla, you’re not getting a low-calorie, low-carb meal. That’s why you need to rethink the ingredients you put together.

If you wanted the tortilla, you probably don’t need to stuff it with a bunch of high-carb ingredients like rice and beans, right?

If it’s the filling you love, ditch the tortilla and try this easy Mexican salad instead. It features lean ground beef, flavorful spices, and creamy homemade guacamole for a meal that will make your mouth water.

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