How to Get a Firmer Butt in 7 Moves

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Feeling a little more jiggle in your walk than you were hoping for, as bikini season gets underway? Fear not! You are not alone and SkinnyMs. has just the solution. We have researched and compiled 7 moves for a firmer butt that will leave you jiggling no more.

When it comes to butt workouts and glute workouts, all of the different suggestions for targeting your behind can become overwhelming, but take heart. We’ve provided simple, easy to follow instructions for some of the best glute-busting moves in the business. And all you need is your strong, motivated body, and some dumbbells!

Mix and match to keep it fresh and gloat to your friends as you move from beginner rounds to advanced. Or better yet, let your newly firmed up bottom do the talking for you! Come on then, what are you waiting for? With only 7 moves to a firmer butt, you’ve got nowhere to go but up.

Equipment Needed: set of light dumbbells(5 – 10 lbs)

What to Do: Perform each exercise for 30 seconds. Rest 15 seconds after each exercise. If completing multiple rounds rest 1 minute in between each round.

Beginner Level: 1 round
Intermediate Level: 2 rounds
Advanced Level: 3 rounds


Walking Dumbbell Lunge
Dumbbell Squats
Four Pulse Squat Flips
Flutter Kick Squats
Plank Glute Kickbacks
Alternating Side Lunge
Squat with Leg Raise

Instructional Videos:

Walking Dumbbell Lunge

Dumbbell Squats

Four Pulse Squat Flips

Flutter Kick Squats

Plank Glute Kickbacks(Complete both sides before moving on)

Alternating Side Lunge(Complete both sides before moving on)

Squat with Leg Raise

Get some tight abs to match your firmer butt. These routines will tighten your midsection and turn it into something sexy and sleek:
ABS H.I.I.T. Workout
Awesome Abs Challenge
Ripped Abs Workout

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  1. Miss Debbi  April 24, 2016

    Is there a variation tobthis in regards to being on bended toes? I broke a toe and its tendon disconnects when i do strenuous bends such as this…


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