6 Before-Bed Habits for Amazing Sleep

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Have you made efforts to improve your sleep habits but still find yourself tossing and turning? Failing to catch some quality shuteye is downright frustrating, and we understand the struggle. But believe it or not, there are numerous insomnia-inducing culprits you’re not even aware of that can prevent a good night’s sleep. Read on for some before-bed habits for amazing sleep.

The overly stimulating world we live in makes it difficult to relax and allow your revved-up system to wind down for the night. Meanwhile, common factors like stress, anxiety or post-workout endorphins can also hinder your ability to fall asleep.

And unfortunately, sleep deprivation invites a host of health issues, both physically and mentally, that can interfere with your quality of life.

So sleep is important—you get it. But what can you do to get amazing sleep on the daily (or should we say nightly)? Here at SkinnyMs., we’ve rounded up 6 before-bed habits that’ll help you sleep like a baby. These healthy activities relax your body and help you unwind, so you slip into bed feeling tired and relaxed. Wave buh-bye to groggy mornings and nonstop yawns- these sleep practices will make all the difference.

1. Have your last meal earlier.

Heavy meals before bed can rob you of quality ZZZs. The energy your body puts into digesting and metabolizing that late-night dinner can interfere with your system’s ability to settle down. It disrupts your circadian rhythms and sleep cycles, preventing you from getting the deep sleep your body needs. After meals, your body requires a couple hours to settle down, and going to sleep immediately prevents it from doing so. Not to mention eating dinner at an earlier hour will have you feeling lighter, more energized, and less bloated in the morning.

Believe it or not, certain foods can dramatically improve your sleep. If you struggle to get great sleep on the regular, choose foods that naturally support healthy shut-eye, such as these 6 Evening Foods for a Better Night’s Sleep!

2. Engage in some calming, sleep-inducing exercise.

Gentle stretching and relaxing yoga before hitting the hay can calm your mind and steady your breath. Research shows easing the body through gentle movement and breathing will activate the parashympathetic response that helps you fall asleep, the polar opposite of your body’s fight-or-flight stress reaction which keeps you awake. Need ideas? Give some of the gentle poses you’ll find in Yoga for Relaxation a try!

With gentle movement, the keyword here is gentle. Steer away from intense physical activity before sleeping- doing so can totally rev up your system and knock you energy levels up a notch- not the recipe for a sweet slumber!

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