HIIT Your Core In Under 10 Minutes

Bring strength and balance to your lower back while toning and building amazing abs.


Believe it or not, performing ab exercises is about more than getting a gorgeous looking stomach! A stronger core can actually benefit you in every aspect of your life. After all, your core keeps you balanced, helps you move, and gives you a strong base to make lifting heavier weights easier. A stronger core also means no more back pain and a healthier fitness lifestyle, too! This awesome routine to HIIT your core in under 10 minutes can bring strength and balance to your abs and lower back, all while building an amazing figure.

Core Training and a Healthy Diet

Your core is comprised of not just your ab muscles, but the muscles of your lower back as well. When you work both of these muscle groups simultaneously, you’ll create a stronger foundation for your body and the impact it can withstand. With this high-intensity interval training core workout, you get to build both muscle groups with various exercises that require balance and control.

You can build your muscles through exercise, but if you want to see your abs, you’re going to need to cut the excess fat that lies above them. In order to do this, you need to make sure you’re maintaining a healthy diet. Consider following one of these Meal Plans for Weight Loss and Better Health in addition to performing core work.

HIIT Your Core In Under 10 minutes

HIIT Your Core In Under 10 minutes

For this workout, you’ll need one medium to heavy dumbbell to add resistance to the workout. You’ll also want an interval timer, which is available on most phones.

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds with no rest in between each exercise. Complete three rounds, resting for 40 seconds in between each round. Complete this core workout three to four times a week for an amazing midsection.

  • Reverse Crunches: A great lower belly workout to stretch and build muscles.
  • Russian Twist w/ Dumbbell: Balancing plus resistance builds a stronger core and rips your obliques.
  • Hollow Rock: This seems simple, but being able to control the rocking is the real core builder.
  • Rocking Plank: Be sure to roll your abs toward your spine the entire time.
  • Star Crunch: A full core exercise that helps minor core muscles increase stability.

Check out these 15 Best Flat Belly Tips to trim and tone while building a better core.

Instructional Videos

Reverse Crunches

Russian Twist w/ Dumbbell

Hollow Rock

Rocking Plank

Star Crunch

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