30-Day HardCORE Workout Challenge

Teach your abs the new meaning of burn with an intense workout with minimal rest.

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Having a strong core means creating the perfect balance between your abs and lower back. Once the balance is achieved, you can say goodbye to lower back pain or poor posture. Get ready to welcome stronger, beautiful abs that will help you stand tall and rid your body of the usual discomforts from sitting for too long. This 30-Day HardCORE Challenge will teach your abs the new meaning of burn with an intense workout with minimal rest.

This hardcore challenge offers a workout every day to strengthen your entire midsection. Each workout provides a variety of ab and lower back moves that will tighten and tone your body. With a mix of dumbbells, crunches, lifts, planks, and yoga moves, your core will get hit from every angle. Get ready for some serious tightening!

30-Day HardCORE Challenge

What to Do: Follow the schedule below by clicking on the workout for each day. Complete at least three workouts a week in the morning.

What You’ll Need: A range of dumbbells (from 3 to 25 pounds), an exercise ball, an interval timer (available on most phones), and a yoga mat or soft surface.

Week One

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Day 1: 20-Minute Core Strength Workout
Day 2: Ab & Core Home Workout
Rest Day 3
Day 4: Lower Back Body Weight Workout
Day 5: 5 Exercises for Your Strongest Core Ever
Rest Day 6
Day 7: Daily Morning Core Workout

Week Two

This hardcore challenge isn’t the only thing you’ll need for an amazing core. Discover these 15 Best Flat Belly Tips to get the best abs possible.

Day 8: Equipment-Free At-Home Core Workout
Day 9: 5 Minute Core Tightening Workout
Rest Day 10
Day 11: HardCORE Yoga
Rest Day 12
Day 13: Lower Back Body Weight Workout
Day 14: 5 Moves to a Stronger Back & Core

Week Three

Day 15: Power Pyramid Core Workout
Day 16: Plank It Out
Rest Day 17
Day 18: 10-Minute Tabata Workout for Abs
Day 19: 6 Moves to Flat, Toned Abs
Rest Day 20
Day 21: 10-Minute Ab Burn Out

Week Four

ab workout

Start you morning off right with one of these Top 10 Flat Belly Breakfast Smoothies.

Day 22: The Ultimate Abs Workout
Day 23: HardCORE Yoga
Rest Day 24
Day 25: Plank It Out
Day 26: The Ultimate Abs Workout
Rest Day 27
Day 28: Lower Back Body Weight Workout

Week Five

Day 29: Daily Morning Core Workout
Last Day: 5 Moves to Strengthen Your Core

After this 30-day hardcore challenge, give your abs a break and build up your booty instead with our 7 Day Butt Lift Workout Challenge.

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