How To Reshape Your Lower Half

Give that lower half a fitness makeover!

Reshaping your lower body means that you have to first understand it. Women’s bodies come in different shapes. Do you know which shape yours is? When you’re looking to reshape your lower half, knowing which body shape you have will help you work with the body you’ve been dealt to get the best results. Read on to find out how to use cardiovascular workouts and resistance training to reshape each body type.

How to Reshape Your Lower Half:

1. The “A” Frame  (aka: Spoon-Shaped): “A” Frame women tend to carry extra weight in their lower region (hips, thighs, and buttocks), while they tend to also have a small waist and bust. If you’re an “A” Frame, here’s how to reshape your lower half:

Cardio – Focus on lower body cardio to eliminate excess weight in the lower areas. Try to use the elliptical at the gym or the treadmill to get your cardiovascular workouts in. Try these At-Home Workouts!

Resistance Training – By adding more weight to your upper body workouts (lateral raises, shoulder presses and pull-downs) you can make you upper body appear smaller. Give our Upper Body Workout a shot.

2. The “V Frame” (aka: Cone-Shaped): These ladies have shoulders that are wider than their hips. Usually graced with a larger bust, narrow hips, and thin legs, these women need to work on bringing their lower body in harmony with their upper body.

Cardio – Try out a stepper machine when you hit the gym. Body types of this sort require this type of cardio to burn calories, while also adding thickness to the legs. The treadmill at a slight incline is also a good choice, but avoid the elliptical as it will leave a V-frame body type with slimmer legs.

Resistance Training – In order to bring your legs up to speed, you’ll need to focus on leg training. Power workouts include squats, leg presses, and deadlifts. These shaping exercise routines also should include extensions and lunges for a strong finish. Check out this Lower Body Workout.

3. The Ruler: This body type has equal measurements of the chest, waist, and hips. Most often these women have a high metabolism, and they don’t gain weight easily.

Cardio – Keep cardio to a minimum (no more than 30-45 min a day), and focus on booty-building equipment like the stair stepper. Body types like this need to work more with weights than anything else. Here’s a killer Glute Workout to try.

Resistance Training – Keep your training intense, but focus on each muscle group every week. If you have this body type, you’ll need to build symmetry through shoulder, back, and leg training. Try our Total Body Workout for Beginners.

4. The “8 Frame” (aka: The Hourglass): Women with this body type are simply gifted. With a bust and hip measurement at about the same size, and a waist about ten inches smaller, their body weight is evenly distributed.

Cardio – Balance cardio with resistance training to the best results and beware of your own fitness plateau. You’ll have to keep your training program varied to gain the best results.

Resistance Training – Women blessed with this body frame are equipped for bodybuilding, and fitness. So balance is key here, and variety is best. Ya Gotta Tabatta!

5. The “Oval Frame” (aka: Apple-Shaped): Women with this body type are usually average height or shorter and have a large bust, thin legs, and a tendency to gain weight in the midsection.

Cardio – For weight loss, focus on the treadmill on a slight incline or the stair stepper for overall weight loss. But avoid the elliptical, as you might find it slims your legs too much. Try this Beginner’s Workout.

Resistance Training – Focus on legs, and work to create a balance with the upper body by including more squats, leg presses, and deadlifts. To create balance and symmetry, you’ll need to work on bringing the lower body up to speed with the upper. Give our Killer Legs Workout a shot.

As much as you might like to have the body of a runway model, this just isn’t possible for everyone. Avoid comparing yourself to others and work to be the best “you” you can be. You may not be able to get a body that’s not meant for you, but you can re-shape yours and be healthy and beautiful.

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