Love Your Lower Belly Workout

Give your belly a reason to love you, too.

Fact: everyone wants a tight and toned belly. However the lower belly is one of the most difficult areas to get and keep flat. Your abs are their own muscle group, which is why it’s important to not forget to do abdominal exercises. Show your lower belly some love with these quick toning exercises!

These are not all magical moves though. In order to keep your lower belly flat remember to always add cardio to your weekly workout routine and eat clean! For tips on how to eat clean check out our Top 25 Flat Belly Foods!

Equipment Needed: a soft surface or yoga mat to lay on, and medicine ball or dumbbell for weight.

What to Do: Perform each exercise in sequence for one circuit for the amount of time or repetitions specified below with a 30 second rest in between each exercise. Be sure to check out the videos below for correct form to prevent injury!

Beginners: complete 1-2 circuits
Advanced: complete 3-4 circuits


1. Plank- 45 second hold
2. Leg Raises-
15-20 repetitions
3. Lower Ab Crunches-
15-20 repetitions
4. Russian Twist-
15 repetitions to each side
5. Leg Circles-
15 circles clockwise and counter-clockwise


Leg Raises

Lower Ab Crunches

Russian Twist

Leg Circles

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