Spicy Black Bean & Shrimp Salad Recipe

Bold flavors and fresh ingredients make this the perfect zesty summer salad.

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Nothing says summer like summer salads. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with the classic potato salad at a backyard barbecue. But why not spice things up (literally) with this spicy black bean & shrimp salad recipe? With zesty spices and Cajun and Southwestern inspired ingredients, this spicy shrimp salad is an instant summer classic with a kick.

Fresh and Spicy

This zesty recipe brings the heat, but it also packs plenty of the fresh ingredients you crave in a summer salad. Spices like cumin, chili powder, paprika, and crushed red pepper combine for a bold flavor. Meanwhile, favorite summer ingredients like fresh shrimp and corn make this salad crisp and refreshing. Black beans, cool avocado, zesty lime juice, and fresh cilantro tie the whole thing together with a pop of Southwestern flair.

Of course, a salad isn’t really a salad without lettuce. While this spicy shrimp salad is loaded with tasty ingredients, bold flavors, and fun textures, it wouldn’t be complete without crunchy shredded romaine and chopped kale. This salad really has it all. Whether you serve it as a meal, a side, or with tortilla chips as a dip, it’s the perfect combination of spicy and refreshing flavors and ingredients.

Prep and Serve Tips

Definitely go with raw shrimp rather than pre-cooked for this spicy black bean & shrimp salad recipe. Raw shrimp will better absorb the seasoning for a bold flavor, which is what this recipe is all about. Fortunately, shrimp cooks quickly. After just 5-6 minutes in a hot skillet, your shrimp should be pink, firm, and cooked to perfection.

This salad is great served hot, so you can serve it immediately after cooking. However, it’s also delicious chilled. Whether you prefer to cook a few hours in advance and let it chill before serving, or you’re hungry for leftovers the next day, this tasty and flavorful salad is just as zesty served cold. Either way, this spicy shrimp salad definitely brings the heat!

Enjoy this delicious salad as a meal, a side, an app, or even wrap up leftovers in a tortilla for a one of a kind shrimp taco. However you choose to enjoy the bold flavors of this refreshing summer salad, it’s bound to spice things up.

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