Stability 7 – Total Body Workout

The Stability Ball is great piece of workout equipment that makes it super easy to get a total body workout, in the comfort of home. Get a 55-centimeter ball if you’re less than 5’4”, a 65-centimeter ball if you’re between 5’4” and 5’7” and a 75-centimeter ball if you’re above 5’7”. The Stability 7 – Total Body Workout, targets the back, chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders, abs and lower body, all with just a stability ball!

Equipment Needed: Stability ball

Stability balls, help workout all the minor muscles in your core. The TKO Anti-Burst Fitness Ball is a great substitute for a chair.

What to Do: Perform 3 sets taking no breaks in between exercises and a 1-minute break between sets. This is meant to be like a circuit training routine. You won’t need the break between exercises since we are never working the same muscle group back to back. For optimal results perform 3 times weekly on non-consecutive days. See the videos below to ensure you are using proper form and technique.


1. Back: Prone Back Extension – 15 reps
2. Chest: Pushups – 8 reps
3. Biceps: Bicep Curl – 12 reps
4. Triceps: Tricep Extension – 12 reps
5. Shoulders: Shoulder Stabilization – 16 reps both sides: 8 clockwise, 8 counterclockwise (Do exercise in the 1st 1:20 of the video)
6. Abs: Roll Out – 12 reps
7. Lower Body: Single Leg Lateral Lunge – 12 reps each leg

Back: Prone Back Extension

Chest: Pushup

Biceps: Bicep Curl

Triceps: Tricep Extension

Shoulders: Shoulder Stabilization (Do exercise in the 1st 1:20 of the video)

Abs: Roll Out

Lower Body: Single Leg Lateral Lunge

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