How to Stay Fit and Healthy With the Forever Workout Plan

A flexible workout plan for busy women!

Learn how to stay fit and healthy with the Forever Workout Plan, a flexible gym plan designed for long-term goals!

How often do we commit to the gym, only to fizzle out after a month? How often do we promise ourselves this year will be different only to give up? How often do we crash diet for a week before vacations, weddings, or other big events?

Fitness shouldn’t be a seasonal hobby. And if you’ve had trouble sticking to a plan for more than a few weeks, the problem might not be you. It might be the plan.

Forget the crash diets. Forget forcing yourself to go to the gym when you’re feeling exhausted. The Forever Workout Plan is made to be flexible. It’s a low-commitment plan designed for beginners who want to get a solid start.

Instead of crashing into the fitness world with all your energy and slowly burning out, you’ll make slow-and-steady progress towards your goals. Whether you have a desire to lose weight, tone, or build muscle, the Forever Workout Plan is a great way to get started.

Having a workout strategy is necessary to see results and keep them. If you show up at the gym without a plan, chances are you’ll waste time figuring out what you want to do. Additionally, we gravitate towards those exercises we find easy or pleasant, which means we might be leaving some muscles sorely underdeveloped. A plan is necessary.

Nevertheless, when gym schedules are too rigid, they drain our motivation. It becomes hard to stick to them. This is probably why most people fizzle out at the gym. We need some flexibility.

With the Forever Workout Plan, you choose what workout to do each day. The plan provides 30 days’ worth of workouts, which you can complete in any order. Don’t feel like doing cardio today? That’s okay! Do an upper body workout instead.

The only promise you need to make yourself is that you’ll finish all the workouts. We suggest taking two rest days per week, which means it should take you about six weeks to complete a round of the program.

If you need to take more rest days, that’s okay! This is YOUR workout plan, designed to fit around YOUR life. Just make sure you stick to it, working out regularly and completing the workouts without cheating.

Once you complete the 30 days of workout, you can print it out again and start over. Try to increase your weights the second time around and walk/jog for an extra mile whenever appropriate.

Alternatively, you can continue with any of our other beginner training plans. Two of our most popular workout plans, which include downloadable calendars, are the Beginner’s Weekly Workout Plan, and The New You Workout Plan for Absolute Beginners.

Additionally, muscles might be made at the gym, but abs are shown in the kitchen. Muscle definition begins to show when we drop body fat. And the best way to do this is with a healthy diet.

Although the Forever Workout Plan does not include a meal plan, we highly recommend that you pair it with a low-sugar, high-protein diet. Like with workouts, a diet that works should be flexible, letting you eat your favorite foods. Here are a few points we recommend to help you drop body fat:

  • Cut back on sodas, fruit juices, and sweetened tea. This doesn’t mean you have to completely eradicate them from your life, but whenever possible opt for water or low-calorie options instead.
  • Include non-starch vegetables in every meal. Throw some chopped veggies in your omelette, pack a salad with your lunch, replace your mashed potato side with some cauliflower fried rice.
  • Keep snacking fruit and veggies around. Some good ideas include baby carrots, apples, and bananas. You can try recipes such as these sweet snacking red bell peppers or some veggie chips.
  • Add sources of protein to your diet. Whole eggs, egg whites, and plain non-fat Greek yogurt are good for breakfast, while lean chicken breast is perfect for lunch and dinner. You can also try a clean protein powder.

We hope these four tips help you keep your diet on track. Now, without further ado, let’s go over the Forever Workout Plan!

What to Do: Download the calendar. There are 30 days worth of workouts. Each day you’ll choose what workout to do and check it off the calendar. You don’t have to follow any order! Once you’ve completed all 30 days, print out another SkinnyMs. workout calendar and start again!

Download Your Forever Workout Plan, it’s Free!

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