Top 10 Weight Watchers Meal Plans

We've made your Weight Watchers meal planning a cinch!

Weight Watchers is a fantastic system for losing weight. It helps its users learn portion control, and naturally helps them cut out unnecessary calories. However, its helpful point system comes with a very large learning curve. Learning which foods cost what and how to structure meals within the allotted amount of points can be rough. To help, we at SkinnyMs. have put together some Weight Watchers meal plans to help guide you on this journey.

From lists of meal types to help you put together your own days to full-on scheduled meal plans, the following plans have been chosen for their effectiveness and their ease of access. Recipes will have their point value next to their name or within the nutrition information. Best of luck on your weight loss ventures!

1. 28-Day Weight Watchers Meal Plan

A month’s worth of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks is just within reach. This month-long meal plan allows you to enjoy a wide variety of foods while staying within a modest 26 points per day.

2. 7-Day Weight Watchers Menu Plan

This one is only a week long, but that’s a week’s worth of planning taken care of for you. This one allows you to branch out and choose your own menus after a significantly shorter amount of time.

3. 5-Day Weight Watchers Menu with SmartPoints

This plan is a work week in length and has an upper limit of 30 points per day. It makes a great way to ease yourself into the program, and give you the weekend off if you need it.

4. 5 Day Weight Watchers Menus with Fewer Than 26 Points

If you like a slightly more intense five-day schedule, try this one on for size. The very lowest day on this plan has only 23 SmartPoints used up, making this schedule both intense and effective for weight loss.

5. 5 Weight Watchers Breakfasts with 5 Points or Less

Start your days right with light and healthy breakfasts. A wide variety of breakfast favorites are given light and healthy makeovers to make them a suitable start to your day.

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