7-Day Weight Watchers Menu Plan

Follow this Weight Watchers Menu Plan for a week and see the results you're seeking!

slow cooker pork tenderloin

Weight Watchers is a proven and effective program for those who want to lose weight. But when you first begin, figuring out what to eat can be overwhelming! There are plenty of great Weight Watchers meal plans, so narrowing down your options might prove difficult. Dieters love the variety, but at the beginning of their weight loss journey, the amount of food and meal options is daunting!

One way to feel good about your program and narrow down your options is to use a pre-arranged menu plan. Weight Watchers menus can be divided up by meals and days, and following a set plan for a week or a month can make your life easier. A “map” of Weight Watchers foods can be a big help, especially for new dieters. This Weight Watchers menu plan makes it easy to plan for the week ahead and takes the majority of the stress out of planning for a successful week of weight loss.

That’s why we came up with this week-long Weight Watchers menu plan. Each day features a delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipe. By the end of the week, you’ll feel great about following the plan for an entire week and you’ll see the results you’re seeking!

Recently, we updated this post with new and exciting Weight Watchers recipes. Don’t worry – we left in many of your standby favorites, but we wanted to breathe new life into this 7-day Weight Watchers menu plan. So, if you’ve followed this meal plan in the past, give it another try and let us know what you think in the comments!

7-Day Weight Watchers Menu Plan


Individual Egg and Spinach Bowl (1 Freestyle SmartPoints)

These perfectly-portioned breakfast bowls take the guesswork out of weight-loss. Each cup has exactly 2 SmartPoints – a perfect way to start your day!

Plant-Based Borscht (1 Freestyle SmartPoints)

We love this completely vegan recipe. It’s filled with nutrient-dense ingredients and it tastes great, too!

Clean Eating Chicken Fried Rice  (6 Freestyle SmartPoints)

It’s easy to eat clean when the food tastes this good. This comforting “fried” recipe fits nicely into your Weight Watchers plan.


crustless vegetable quiche

Crustless Asparagus Quiche (2 Freestyle SmartPoints)

This crustless quiche couldn’t be easier to make – just pop it into the oven and wait for it to be done. You can even make it in advance and eat it on-the-go.

Turkey, Brie, and Peach Panini (12 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Treat yourself with the sweet and savory flavors in this tasty sandwich. It certainly won’t feel like you’re “dieting” with this meal.

Cucumber Quinoa Salad With Ground Turkey, Olives, & Feta (2 Freestyle SmartPoints)

This salad not only looks beautiful, but it tastes great, too. This is definitely a filling, entree salad, so you won’t have to worry about being hungry after dinner.


skinny berry parfait

Skinny Berry Parfait (10 Freestyle SmartPoints)

This berry parfait is so tasty, it could almost be a dessert. It doesn’t even have any added sugar because the granola and berries give you all the sweetness you need.

Turkey Sausage Egg Roll Bowl (5 Freestyle SmartPoints)

An egg roll bowl tastes exactly like Chinese take-out – except it’s healthy! You’ll love the flavors and how much cheaper it is to skip take-out.

Skinny Quinoa with Black Beans (3 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Most Mexican dishes are made with rice, but we swapped in quinoa to give you a burst of protein. If you weren’t a quinoa lover before, you will be after this dish.


Skinny Strawberry Yogurt

Chia Seed Berry Yogurt Smoothie (11 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Start your day off right with this protein-packed version of a banana shake. The chia seeds add a punch of fiber, along with beneficial antioxidants.

Vegetarian Pizza Casserole (7 Freestyle SmartPoints)

This vegetarian recipe has everything you love about pizza, just without the excess fat. It’s packed full of vegetables, too, so you’ll definitely get your daily serving today!

Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Roast (2 Freestyle SmartPoints)

The slow cooker makes it quick and easy to cook chicken. There are so many things you can do with leftovers, too, so don’t be afraid to took up a whole bird.


zucchini bell pepper pizza

Egg and Turkey Sausage Breakfast Tacos (7 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Tacos for breakfast? Yes, please! This is a great way to start your day with protein while enjoying the savory flavors of healthy turkey sausage.

Warm Chicken Salad Over Arugula with Creamy Dill Dressing (1 Freestyle SmartPoint)

This salad is so tasty, you won’t believe it only has 1 SmartPoint. We keep the points low by using Greek yogurt to create a craveably good creamy dill dressing.

Zucchini Bell Pepper Pizza (4 Freestyle SmartPoints)

This healthy pizza recipe is packed full of vitamins and minerals, thanks to all those tasty vegetables. So pick up a whole-wheat pizza crust and get topping!


Slow Cooker Barbecued Beans Chicken Joes

Mediterranean Egg White Frittata (5 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Everyone knows that the Mediterranean diet is healthy, so why not pack those flavors into your morning meal? You’ll get a ton of vegetables and a boost of protein with this breakfast.

Spicy Kale Salad with Chickpeas & Maple Dijon Dressing (2 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Between the textured chickpeas and the sweet-and-spicy maple dressing, you’ll fall in love with this salad. I wouldn’t be surprised if you make it every week!

Barbecued Beans and Chicken Joes (5 Freestyle SmartPoints)

This recipe is not only WeightWatchers friendly, it’s also a big hit with the kids.


slow cooker vegetable omelette recipe

Slow Cooker Vegetable Omelette (5 Freestyle SmartPoints)

I love breakfasts that are easy to throw together. They really save you time in the morning, especially when you use the slow cooker to make them.

Mediterranean Eggplant Wrap with Creamy Tahini Sauce (9 Freestyle SmartPoints)

This eggplant wrap is tasty, but I have to warn you: you’re about to become addicted to this creamy tahini sauce. It’s good on almost anything!

Slow Cooker Asian Braised Pork Tenderloin (6 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Asian flavors work perfectly with pork, especially a lean pork tenderloin. Serve this entree up with one of these 0-point sides.

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Last updated: June 06, 2018

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  1. this menu sounds and looks great but…..with all the different recipes….this is a very expensive menu to do…this is why so many drop out ………….you need to take the main meat and have several meals for the week using that meat or veggie……I know variety is great but not every day……alot of us are on SS or have no job at all but are trying hard to lose weight ….please help us…..not all of us can afford this.

  2. Something I like to do is is make a big pot of chicken broth with onion carrots celery and cilantro. Then I make brown rice on the side and 4oz chickens nothing added. The vegi soup alone can be a great 0point snack or shred 4oz chicken and add half cup brown rice and it can be a meal. For 6 points. Fruits and veggies are free so be creative. I also have nutri bullet and I love throwing spinach kale carrots any vegetables really with a cup of juice to sweeten it and a few fruits and it makes a yummy smoothie HEALTHY ! You don't have to go over bored and spend so much. Just buy 100% whole wheat bread instead of white fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of water. I usually only use one piece of bread. I was hungry at first all the time but your stomach shrinks and now I'm full all the time!

  3. im looking for WW a 7 day plan that I was aware of many years ago that worked well for me. Everything was in my cupboatd. No fancy meal involved. Eg Breakfast baked beans wholemeal toast etc…Is there something this simple still around. Helen H

    1. While we don't have a WW meal plan designed specifically with simple ingredients in mind, we do offer many Weight Watchers recipes that fit this description. Enter the term "Weight Watchers" into our search bar for a complete list of all we offer.

  4. I tried Weight Watchers a few years ago. I lost a few pounds.
    But I stopped because I hated to weigh everything.
    Do you have some tips for me?
    Maybe I'll give it another chance..

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Larissa,

      We actually don't have weight watchers information on the site, we just add the points to our recipes for those who follow their program.

  5. Do u still sell ur food weekly that go w ur program. I want 2 buy ur foods again I don’t have time 2 do the recipe thing…please & thanku

  6. I am 74 years old and have been on weight watchers before. I am now back on the plan and would like to do some exercise but I can’t walk much anymore. Any suggestions?

    1. Joan,
      Check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.
      With your doctor’s approval do the following:
      Purchase two light weight dumbbells, 2-3 pounds. Grab a kitchen chair, have a seat, and do this routine:

      Look on youtube for chair yoga. The important thing is to start out slow and gradually build to something a little more challenging. Hope this helps. 🙂

  7. This is really great! It looks customizable and fairly easy to follow. I’m going to give it a go this weekend. Thsnks 🙂

  8. Can you loose weight by eating only the frozen dinner? I live in the mountains far from a VERY limited grocery store But they do have the Smart and Lean Cusine dinners.

  9. We are What we eat, cut the sugar in coffee or tea, or drink green tea.
    Eat fruit in place of cakes and biscuits. Drimk plenty of water in between meals.
    Have a well balanced diet include, fish , tuna chicken, salad and vegables. Never miss a meal, and eat less bread.
    You will feel better and with exercise weight will drop off.

  10. I lost 42 pounds just watching portion sizes, sugar free, and baked. I rarely eat out. After 6 months I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t losing any more weight. I joined ww for a month just to see what I was doing wrong. I now eat low fat. I read labels. This part takes a little time till you figure out what to buy for the first time. I’m now down 50 pounds. It has taken me 18 months to do. I had a massive stroke last year. You wouldn’t be able​ to tell it but I still struggle with nausea so exercising some days just don’t happen. So fat free, 0 sugar, no soft drinks not even sugar free. Stay away from fried and process foods. I’m on a limited income. You just have to use common sense and make smart choices.

    1. Tina, You’re amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your tips, I know they will be helpful to others struggling with their weight. 🙂

  11. Is there a varied menu like traditional foods as i dont like all this new foods in your recipes

    1. Andrea, It’s really up to you, but fresh veggies and fruit are healthy and lower in calories and zero points. 🙂

    1. Georgina, Thank you! Please do return as we have new posts publishing daily. Be sure to sign up for our newsletters. 🙂

  12. I lost 100 pounds doing weight watchers and exercising. It was the old points system. I am now going to try the free style.

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