Top 5 Fitness Challenges that Will Change Your Body

Don't waste another second! These fitness challenges will change your body!

In a world full of dieting fads, crazy exercise equipment, and over-the-top fitness routines that promise immediate results, it can be difficult to figure out which ones are actually effective. To help you make the right choice for you, we’ve compiled a list of fitness challenges that will change your body for good.

The healthiest and most effective way to get into shape is to maintain a healthy diet and stick to a regular exercise routine. It really is that simple! A healthy diet is comprised of clean, whole foods that provide your body with the essential nutrients it needs to perform at its best.

Before you choose which fitness challenge(s) you’re going to participate in, you’ll want to make sure that your diet is on track! Below, you will find some of our favorite healthy-eating plans:

Once your diet is in order, you can choose the best workout challenge! Remember, the most effective exercise regimens combine heart-pumping cardiovascular moves with strength-building exercises.

Top 5 Fitness Challenges that Will Change Your Body

7-Day Weight Loss Workout Challenge for Beginners

This week-long challenge is a simple but highly effective routine that will get your fitness journey started off on the right foot. You only need to work out for 15 to 20 minutes a day for 6 out of the 7 days. Almost one-hundred thousand of you have tried this routine out! With so many awesome success stories, you’re definitely going to want to get in on the fun! You don’t have to quit when the 7 days are over, either; you can do it again or try another challenge!

21-Day Lean and Fit Workout Challenge

Have you noticed your progress stall out? Don’t worry; we’ve all been there! All you need to do is switch up your routine for a while. This three week, fat-melting challenge will kick your fat burn back up! Increase your heart rate with our sweat-inducing exercises, and tone your muscles with our weight training moves. In three weeks, you’ll be well on your way to your dream body.

7-Day Summer Arms Challenge

Three-quarters of a million ladies have participated in this challenge! Believe it or not, all it takes to tone your arms is a few basic exercises and a whole lot of consistency. This routine is fun and effective, making it an extremely popular choice. For best results, perform this plan for at least 4 to 6 weeks.

30-Day Walk Your Way to Weight Loss Challenge

If you want to lose weight and feel great, this is the routine for you! Walking is one of the oldest and most reliable forms of exercise. This challenge follows slow and steady progress, adding on a bit more mileage as each week passes. Not only will it help you lose weight, but it will also improve your heart and lung health, boost your mood and energy levels, and help you get a great night’s sleep!

28-Day HIIT Body Weight Workout Challenge

Body weight exercise is a fantastic way to lose weight, but it also makes working out easier than ever. That’s because the only piece of equipment that you need is your body! HIIT which stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and it’s one of the most beneficial forms of cardiovascular exercise for weight loss. You will not only burn calories during the workout, but you’ll continue burning them all day long, too!

If you eat right and participate in one of the well-rounded fitness challenges from above, you will change your body. Stay consistent and make the healthiest choices that you can, as often as possible, and you can’t go wrong!

We want to hear your success stories! Which challenge are you looking forward to trying? Have you completed any in the past? Let us know in the comment section!

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