Top 5 Ways to Trick Your Brain into Feeling Full

More often than not, hunger is all in your head!

A busy lifestyle and hectic schedule can have you eating in a rush, and oftentimes inhaling your food instead of savoring it. This prevents you from embracing all of the senses that promote satisfaction, such as sight, smell, touch, and taste. Without these, your body can still feel deprived and dissatisfied, even after chowing down a complete, wholesome meal! This sends hunger signals to your brain that aren’t entirely accurate, resulting in overeating or needless snacking. A regular pattern of this can trigger weight gain, and wreak havoc on your healthy lifestyle goals!

If you can’t escape the constant demands of your daily agenda and have no choice but to eat on the go, you might find yourself feeling hungry, even when you’re not! Luckily, you can manipulate yourself into feeling full with just a few simple tips and tricks. Here at Skinny Ms., we’re clueing you in to some foolproof hacks that’ll trick your mind into feeling full, and prevent you from going overboard. Make these strategies a regular habit, and take control of your hunger!

1. Make an apple your appetizer.

…An apple-tizer, if you will. Enjoying a crisp, juicy apple before a meal will have you consuming fewer calories overall, according to experts. Thanks to its high water and fiber content, this nutritious, low-calorie fruit will suppress your appetite and have you feeling full faster. No wonder apples make a powerful weight loss weapon!

2. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!

Consume plenty of water or clean, low-calorie fluids like herbal teas throughout the day. More often than not, your body’s hunger signals are actually just a sign of dehydration, so staying hydrated definitely helps control your appetite. Fluids also take up a bunch of storage space in your stomach, helping you reduce your overall calorie intake since they fill you up quicker. Increasing your water intake will replenish your system and boost your metabolism as well, so drink up!

Did you know simply drinking more water can help you achieve a slimmer figure? Check out these 10 Ways Drinking Water can Help You Lose Weight!

3. Go for a quick walk or jog.

Getting your heart rate up and blood pumping can work wonders, especially on your brain! It’s easy to allow hunger to consume your mind as you sit in front of a screen. Close your computer monitor, put your phone down, and get outside for a quick walk or jog- anything to promote some blood flow! Research shows that blood circulation around your muscles can suppress your appetite and keep hunger at bay.

And if the weather isn’t conducive for an outdoor stroll, get up and give this no-equipment 5 Minute Fat Burning Home Workout a shot!

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