Six Ways to Boost Your Energy at Work, Naturally

Put down the coffee and boost your energy, naturally!

how to get energy back after being sick

If you’re tired all the time, it’s time to find relief! It’s easy to turn to the bottom of a mug of coffee or turn to your fourth espresso for the day, or you can say “Enough!” Added caffeine can actually have the opposite effect – it can run you down further and make you more tired over time. To combat this, we found some natural ways to boost your energy at work, naturally, that will have you ready to handle anything!

The best ways to boost your energy at work, naturally, is to get plenty of sleep, workout on the regular, and eat clean-eating, healthy food. Some people only need 7 hours of sleep (like my husband), but others need closer to 9 (like me). Make sure you know your sleeping needs and aren’t putting yourself on someone else’s schedule.

If you can find the time in your daily routine to cook healthy meals and workout, you’ll definitely be doing yourself some favors. We totally understand if your life is too hectic and you can’t get there! That’s why we came up with these six ways to boost your energy at work, naturally.

1. Drink Plenty of Water

Dehydration often displays itself as anything but. You might not think you’re thirsty and you’ll feel tired or fatigued instead. Or, you might find yourself famished and look for a snack to solve the problem. That snack could make you feel more tired, though, because it doesn’t actually solve the problem of dehydration. Sometimes, all you need to do is drink a few glasses of ice-cold water. This will do two really amazing things.

The first is it will rehydrate your system. This is especially important if you’re drinking lots of coffee or soft drinks, which don’t hydrate your body at all. The second thing? It will act like a slap in the face (without actually getting hit, of course). That cold water will hit your system and shock it into becoming alert. Before you know it, you’ll feel much less tired.

2. Eat a Crunchy Snack

When we say crunchy snack, we don’t mean a bag of potato chips. Reach for some carrot sticks, whole-grain cereal, or crispy vegetables with everything dip. The crunchy food will give your jaw a workout, and believe it or not this will wake up your facial muscles. Once they’re feeling revitalized, you’ll find yourself more alert and able to handle the rest of the day.

Healthy snacks also help to keep your blood sugar stabilized keep your fiber levels where they should be. A good rule of thumb is to eat every four hours to keep your body regulated. Browse through our 32 favorite clean eating snacks to find one that’s right for you!

3. Get Up, Move Around, and Stretch

Getting up from your work desk and taking a little walk (even if it’s just to the bathroom or to get a glass of water) will help you break out of the monotony and breathe fresh air into your day. Find a reason to get up at least once an hour. If you have time to go for a 10-minute walk, try to energize your mind with positive thoughts and gratitude.

If you don’t have time for a walk, at least try to get some stretches in halfway through the day. Stand up on your tippy-toes, reach your arms towards the ceiling, and breathe deeply. Hold the stretch for several minutes. You’ll feel your muscles start to relax – but don’t worry, that relaxing won’t make you more tired. You’re actually activating every muscle in your body with this stretch, which will get the blood flowing and make you feel energized.

4. Watch Your Glycemic Load

Foods with a high-glycemic-load – like white rice, potatoes, or sugary drinks – can have a heavy impact on your blood sugar. Choosing low-glycemic-load foods – like brown rice, whole-wheat bread, nuts, and beans – can help keep your blood sugar steady. Avoiding spikes in your blood sugar is a great way to avoid feeling drowsy or tired at work.

Try to pack some low-glycemic foods for lunch, swapping in brown rice for white rice in your lunch bowl. Or, take some good snacks with you to help avoid the three-o’clock slump. We love these roasted chickpeas or sweet and spicy nuts as a healthy, midday snack.

5. Get a Plant For Your Desk

This might sound like a silly solution, but plants have been proven to have detoxifying effects in the workplace! If you can increase your oxygen inputs, while also decreasing stress and anxiety, you’ll find yourself with more energy. There are a huge number of plants to choose from, so choose one that best fits your workspace. In particular, a few common varieties are great choices.

The common herb rosemary has been known to promote physical and mental well-being, while also purifying the air of harmful toxins. This means improved mood and decreased fatigue! You could also choose feng shui plants like bamboo (whose vertical stalks represent the element wood) or an orchid (to attract positive energy to your desk).

6. Use Some Essential Oils

Essential oils are one of the quickest and easiest ways to boost your energy at work, naturally. Peppermint oil is a great way to stimulate your mind and improve your focus, which is a perfect way to get you out of that fatigue cloud. You can use a steam diffuser if it won’t bother your coworkers too much, or you can dab a few drops on your wrists.

If you’re not into the minty flavors, check out lemon oil for its energizing, uplifting properties. Or, you could use eucalyptus or rosemary essential oils. Both oils have healing properties in addition to their energizing effects.

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