Weekend Boot Camp Blast!

Use your weekend free time to challenge your body and boost your fitness!

There’s nothing like a boot camp routine to rev up your workout and pump up your weekend! Weekends are often filled with gatherings, especially in the summertime, that leave room for temptation of unhealthy food and sedentary behavior. So here’s how to fix that with a weekend boot camp! Though this boot camp routine should only take you under 20 minutes to complete, it is not for the faint of heart! These fun exercises will challenge your endurance and attack cardio and strength simultaneously for a killer total body workout!

Equipment Needed: Water for hydration, a heart monitor, interval timer. Also, kettle bells or dumbbells can be used when performing the Glute Lift Pushup.

What to Do: Do each exercise for one minute, resting for no more than 15 seconds between exercises. Complete the below circuit 4 times.


Saturday or Sunday, or both!

1. Square Jumps – Jump as if you’re touching the corners of a box. Jump forwards to the right, to the left, to the back left and to the back right. Then back to the front right and so on. This should be done at a quick pace.

2. Mountain Climbers – With your arms and feet touching the ground in a pushup position and your buttocks in the air, drive your knees in below you, moving your legs quickly.
3. Glute Lift Pushup – Do a standard pushup but this time lift one leg off the ground with your knee bent 90 degrees while you do the pushup. Do it for 30 seconds on one leg and 30 seconds on the other leg.

Square Jumps

Mountain Climbers

Glute Lift Pushup



Do each exercise for one minute, resting for no more than 15 seconds between exercises. Complete the below circuit 4 times.

1. High Knees – Arms held up , quickly lift one leg up and then the other bringing your knees to a 90 degree angle, sort of like a running in place motion. Keep your legs up high continuously for the entire minute.

2. V-Up Roll Ups – Lying flat on the ground, lift your upper body up off the floor and touch your toes. As you lay your lower body back down lift your legs up vertical and touch your toes. Then lie back down and lift your upper body off the floor again to touch your toes laying on the ground and so on.

3. Burpee Pushups – Do a Burpee but on your downward motion add in a pushup. Upon completing the downward motion of the pushup, kick your feet in towards your legs lifting your buttocks to do so ending up in a squatting position. Then jump up. Repeat the cycle.

High Knees

V-Up Roll Ups

Burpee Pushups

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