This Weekly Workout Plan Will Help You Get in Shape for Summer!

A simple plan that you can actually stick to!

This Weekly Workout Plan Will Help You Get in Tip-Top Shape for Summer!

The key to improving your health and fitness level is consistency. A single workout won’t magically alter your body, but exercising regularly can create huge improvements, even in a short amount of time. While Summer is approaching quickly, you can grow stronger, lose body fat, create muscle, and improve your endurance in as little as a few weeks. This weekly workout plan is designed to help you accomplish all of these things and build healthy, long-term habits along the way. The exercises we’ve chosen for each workout are simple but efficient moves. When combined, they create a perfectly challenging fitness program that will target all of your beach-body muscles!

Choose Your Rest Day and Stay Consistent!

We know that any well-rounded workout program must have some flexibility, so this plan allows you to choose your rest day. There are six workouts to be performed throughout the week, on the days that work best for you. As long as you complete them, you will see results.

Additionally, we’ve built this weekly workout plan to accommodate varying fitness levels. Beginners should start with only 2 rounds per workout and a very light set of dumbbells. More advanced individuals can do up to 6 rounds using heavier weights. If you’re ready to make a real commitment and get in shape for Summer, jump right into the weekly workout plan below!

Weekly Workout Plan to Get in Tip-Top Shape for Summer!

What You’ll Need: A gym timer, a mat or towel to lay on the floor, and a set of appropriately heavy dumbbells

What to Do: You’ll have six workouts per week and one rest day. For each workout, set your timer to 45 seconds of exercise and 15 seconds of rest. Complete all the moves in order and repeat with little to no rest between rounds.

Beginners: 2 rounds
Intermediate: 4 rounds
Advanced: 6 rounds

Move up a fitness level when you feel your workout is no longer a challenge. Below, we’ve included videos showing how to perform each move. Using proper form helps prevent injuries and ensures you’re getting the most out of your workout! You’ve got this!

Day 1: Legs & Cardio

legs and cardio total body workout for summer legs
1. Burpees
2. Reverse Lunge with Front Kick (Right Leg)
3. Reverse Lunge with Front Kick (Left Leg)
4. Squat Jump
5. Sumo Squat

Day 2: Arms

toned arms for summer

1. Push-Ups
2. Bicep Curls
3. Triceps Extensions
4. Up & Down Plank

Day 3: Abs & Cardio

core and cardio routine
1. Burpees
2. Mountain Climbers
3. Russian Twist
4. Plank Hip Twist
5. Jackknife Sit-Ups

Day 4: Legs

Weekly Workout Plan to Get YOU Fit by Summer legs
1. Sumo Squat
2. Walking Lunges
3. Reverse Lunge with Front Kick (Right Leg)
4. Reverse Lunge with Front Kick (Left Leg)

Day 5: Shoulders, Chest, and Back

shoulder, chest, and back workout
1. Push-Ups
2. Mountain Climbers
3. Up & Down Planks
4. Burpees

Day 6: Abs

Weekly Workout Plan abs workout
1. Russian Twist
2. Leg Lifts
3. Plank Hip Twist
4. Straight Leg Sit-Ups
5. Jackknife Sit-Ups

Instructional Videos


Reverse Lunge with Kick

Squat Jump

Sumo Squat

Push Ups

Bicep Curls

Triceps Extensions

Up & Down Plank

Mountain Climbers

Russian Twist

Plank Hip Twist

Jackknife Sit-Up

Walking Lunges

Leg Lifts

Straight Leg Sit Ups

What do you think of this Weekly Workout Plan to Help You Get In Tip-Top Shape for Summer? Are you gonna give it a shot? Let us know in the comment section!

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