Beginner’s Total Body 30-Day Challenge

Change up your exercises to have more fun and burn more fat!

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Although it may seem like other people are breezing through their workouts while you’re struggling, know that everyone starts at zero. The people who make it look easy have likely put in months (or even years) of work to get there. Here’s your opportunity to start down the same path! Our beginner 30 day full body challenge offers a variety of total body workouts. This mix of exercises will get your entire body moving to blaze fat and tone your muscles to perfection.

This beginner 30 day full body challenge will allow you to keep pushing through without burning out your muscles too quickly. By allowing you to cycle through different body parts, you’ll keep your heart rate up and your muscles get a little bit of rest. At the same time, they also stay engaged long enough to keep the benefits of every curl, push, and lift going.

Over this beginner 30 day full body challenge, you’ll enjoy a mix of circuit training, HIIT workouts, and even tabata exercises—all designed to burn fat and tone every inch of your body. Get started with the basics and get ready to work your way towards being a fitness pro!

Beginner’s Total Body 30-Day Challenge

30 day challenge

What to Do: Complete the challenge below by completing each day’s workout plan.

What you’ll Need: A yoga mat, an interval timer (available on most phones), range of dumbbell weights, and a chair or flat bench.

Week 1

Beginner's Total Body 30-Day Challenge

Make the most of your beginner’s journey by also challenging the way you eat. Our 30 Days of Quick and Easy Dinners will help set the tone for smarter eating choices when it matters the most.

Day 1: Beginner’s Total Body Fat Blasting Routine
Day 2: 5-Minute Total Body Boot Camp
Rest Day 3
Day 4: Total Body Workout for Beginners
Rest Day 5
Day 6: High-Intensity Total Body HIIT
Day 7: 3 Moves for Total Body Toning

Week 2

Total Body 30-Day Challenge

Eat more to lose more! Try any of these delicious 31 Best Snacks for Weight Loss.

Day 8: 7 Moves for Total Body Fat Blasting
Rest Day 9
Day 10: One Circuit for A Total Body Workout
Day 11: Total Body Makeover in 5 Minutes Flat
Rest Day 12
Day 13: New You Total-Body Yoga Routine
Day 14: 15-Minute Total Body Bootcamp

Week 3

Beginner's Total Body Challenge

Day 15: All-In-One Total Body Workout
Day 16: Crazy 8’s Total Body Workout Challenge
Rest Day 17
Day 18: Total Body Tabata Challenge
Day 19: HIIT Total Body Toning
Rest Day 20
Day 21: 10-Minute Total Body HIIT Workout

Week 4

Beginner's 30-Day Challenge

You’re almost there! Add some extra work this week with our 7-Day Walk/Run Challenge

Day 22: Transform Your Total Body Workout
Day 23: High-Intensity Total Body HIIT
Rest Day 24
Day 25: 15-Minute Total Body Bootcamp
Day 26: 20-Minute Total Body Tabata Workout
Rest Day 27
Day 28: 7 Moves for Total Body Fat Blasting

Week 5

Try this effective fitness challenge!

Day 29: 15-Minute Total Body Fat Blaster
Day 30: 20-Minute Total Body Tabata Workout

Thirty days are over and you’re no longer a beginner! What’s next? Try our 28-Day HIIT Bodyweight Workout Challenge to strengthen your muscles in ways you haven’t before.

Congratulations on completing the beginner 30 day full body challenge! It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to commit to a challenge like this, and you should be proud of yourself for seeing it through to the end. Your body has likely undergone some positive changes, both physically and mentally. Remember to take some time to reflect on your progress and celebrate your accomplishments. And don’t forget to continue making healthy choices and incorporating exercise into your daily routine. Keep up the great work!

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Editor’s note: This post was originally published on October 15, 2019.

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