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7-Day Lunge Challenge

by Skinny Ms.

Want shapely legs for summer that you can boast on the beach? Then here is the best lunge challenge for you! This 7 day lunges program is designed for a week, but you don’t have to stop there! You can incorporate two lunge plans each week, so you can continue to blast cellulite, tone, define, and strengthen your lower body without regression. The best lunge workouts challenge your lower body from different angles, which is exactly what this routine accomplishes. So legs, get lunging!

Diet, of course, plays a huge role in your fat loss efforts, so remember to drink lots of water, stay away from sodas, watch your portions, eat clean, and look at the ingredients lists of the foods you’re buying so that you avoid sodium, refined sugar, and enriched flour.
Check out these Tips for Clean Eating.

7-Day Lunge Challenge:

You’ll need-
water for hydration, a set of dumbbells of appropriate weight if you want to enhance the workout

How to complete the workout-
Do 100 reps (or 50 on each side) of each specified lunge throughout the day total ( i.e. 9:00am 20 lunges, 12:00pm 20 lunges, 3:00pm 20 lunges, 6:00pm 20 lunges, 8:00pm 20 lunges). Or, you could do 2 sets of 50, 4 sets of 25 etc., whatever works best with your schedule!

See the videos for demonstrations.


Side Lunge with a Reach


Jumping Lunge


Pulse Lunge


Rest Day


Reverse Lunge


Traveling Lunge


Lunge Tap

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Side Lunges with a Reach

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