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Guiltless Comfort Foods Made the Skinny Way!

by Skinny Ms.

Zucchini Bell Pepper Pizza Recipe

When you’re craving comfort food, the last thing you want to do is count calories.  To help eliminate calorie counting here are some simple revisions for three universal favorites; Fried Chicken, Pizza and yummy Fudge. These recipes are just as tasty as any you can find only much healthier.

First, always prepare “fried chicken” in the oven instead of the stove top.  Preparation the skinny way tastes just as great.  Throw the deep fryer out the window.  For a healthier crunch, substitute sesame seeds for greasy breading.  Try our Oven Fried Chicken and Slow-Cooker Fried Chicken, which have both quickly become staple recipes.

Pizza is one of the easiest foods to modify.  Avoid cheese stuffed crusts since they are packed with saturated fat and calories.  Instead, a thin or store bought crust, like these offered by Boboli.  Since portion control is very important, use a small whole wheat pita round in place of a regular pizza crust.

Home made pizzas are a great alternative to store bought and commercially made pizzas. Baking at home means you are the chef.  Being in control allows you to decide what toppings to use and how much of each.  In other words, you can make it as Skinny as you wish.  Try using low fat cheeses and no sugar added sauces.  Plenty of toppings also come in the low fat variety.  Try this Zucchini Bell Pepper Pizza.

Fudge can be made skinny with a couple of simple ingredient swaps.  Use almond or coconut butter instead of basic margarine or butter, raw chocolate powder instead of chips, and honey or organic sucanat instead of refined sugar.  Indulgently all-natural, and a piece of cake! (Or just as delicious, anyway…)  Check out this yummy fudge recipe from Skinny Ms.

Transform your body! Follow this 12-week program for the home or gym, designed by Skinny Ms. Fitness, to define, tone and create the body of your dreams.

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