11 Best Stability Ball Moves

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Need some fun, fresh exercises? Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from traditional activity and break out new exercise equipment. The stability ball a great way to challenge your balance and use your body weight as resistance! Get a killer bod with these 11 Best Stability Ball Moves!

These stability ball exercises will have your abs, legs, and arms feeling it the next day! They are going to challenge your balance as you try to stabilize yourself on the ball, and if you ever feel unstable during an exercise, or that it is too difficult, then feel free to stop. We don’t want you to hurt yourself, but we do want to challenge you to improve your fitness abilities!

Equipment Needed: Water for hydration, a stability ball, and a safe surface to workout on i.e. a yoga mat.

What to Do: Go through each exercise completing 3 sets of 15 repetitions. This is a great workout to do alone or on a cardio day. Some good cardio workouts to pair this with are 4 Minute Fat Blaster plus Bonus Blaster and Fat Blaster Challenge of the Year


1. Stability Ball Plank
2. Stability Ball Knee Tucks
3. Wall Squats
4. Split Lunges on Stability Ball
5. Inner Thigh Squeezes
6. Hamstring Pull-In on Stability Ball
7. Back Extensions
8. Stability Ball Chest Press
9. Tricep Dips with the Stability Ball
10. Push Ups balancing on Stability Ball
11. Leg Raises

Watch the videos below for a demonstration of each exercise!

Stability Ball Plank

Stability Ball Knee Tucks

Wall Squats

Split Lunges on Stability Ball

Inner Thigh Squeezes

Hamstring Pull-In on Stability Ball

Back Extensions

Stability Ball Chest Press

Tricep Dips with the Stability Ball

Push Ups balancing on Stability Ball

Leg Raises with Stability Ball

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