12 Best At-Home Workout Plans for Women

Get fit from the comfort of your own home!

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Does your home double as your gym? Luckily, our bodies are the only tool that we need to get a great workout in. You don’t need a gym. Of course, with a few extra workout tools like a set of dumbbells, a timer and a yoga mat, you can keep your routine exciting and challenging, but they’re not required! Check out our 12 Best At-Home Workout Plans for Women!

Whether you’re a stay at home mom that can’t get to the gym or you simply don’t want to pay for a membership, these 12 at-home workouts will make you feel fitter than ever! They will work your entire body, sculpting your muscles and shredding excess fat. Along with trying out these routines, read about the 10 Ways to Stay Focused While Working Out at Home.

At-Home Workout Plans for Women

1. At-Home Fat Burning Workout

12 Best At-Home Workout Plans For Women

What you need: A timer, a towel or yoga mat and a jump rope. (No jump rope? No problem! Just perform the motion without it!)

This cardio workout is a serious calorie burner and fat shredder! The at-home fat burning workout takes less than 15 minutes. You’ll definitely break a sweat with these moves!

2. 6-Week Body Weight Workout Plan

6 week body weight workout plan

What you need: A timer and a towel or yoga mat.

This 6-week plan can keep you fit and healthy from the comfort of your own home! All you need is your body and about 20 minutes per day!

3. Six Best At-Home Workouts to get a Beautiful Butt

butt workout

What you need: A bench (couch or coffee table will do) and a towel or yoga mat.

This workout for a beautiful butt is a burner. Seriously, you’ll feel the work you put in for daysss. Building up those glutes will give you the firm and perky butt that you’ve always dreamed of. All that you have to do is put in consistent effort and you will be rewarded greatly!

4. 15 Minute Indoor Body Weight HIIT Workout

12 Best At-Home Workout Plans For Women

What you need: A timer and a towel or yoga mat.

The 15-Minute workout requires no gym equipment! It’s an excellent choice whether you’re at the office, stuck at home or on a long road trip! (It feels SO good to get out and move after sitting for so long!) This workout gets your heart rate up and melts fat!

5. Abs, Butt and Legs Home Workout

12 Best At-Home Workout Plans For Women

What you need: A timer and a towel or yoga mat.

This is another body weight workout that doesn’t require any gym equipment! That means that it’s another workout that you can do from just about anywhere. Targeting your abs, booty and legs, it will burn and tone in all the right places!

6. At-Home Crossfit Workout


What you need: A timer.

The at-home Crossfit workout is NO JOKE. It combines moves that target your chest, all the way down to your legs! The more muscle groups that you use in a workout, the more calories you’re going to burn. This is a fun one to turn into a competition with your friends or your kids!

7. 10-Minute “Furious Fat Burner” Home Workout

fat burner

What you need: A timer and a towel or yoga mat.

Furious is an understatement… I tried this workout and it kicked my butt! Don’t let the 10 minutes fool you, you can burn major calories in 10 minutes when you keep that intensity up. Try it for yourself! This is another great routine to challenge a friend with.

8. Get Up and Move Workout for Home or Office

12 Best At-Home Workout Plans For Women

What you need: A table, chair and a wall.

This is such a creative workout! You can literally do this from inside of your office. Your coworkers may even want to get involved. There are no more excuses when you can workout at work on your lunch break! This one takes up less than 30 minutes. You’ll feel energized and ready to take on the rest of your day.

9. Beautiful Back Home Workout

12 Best At-Home Workout Plans For Women

What you need: An exercise ball or bench and a couple sets of dumbbells (of 2 to 4 different weights.)

Along with toning your back, this workout will also sculpt and strengthen your chest, biceps and triceps. The more weight that you lift, the more toned you will become! Don’t be afraid to lift heavy ladies, just be sure to maintain proper form.

10. 10 X 10 Climb & Descend Upper Body Workout Challenge

upper body routine

What you need: A set of dumbbells of moderately heavy weight.

I. LOVE. THIS. CHALLENGE. It’s so much fun! Again, it’s a great way to challenge your friends! Who can get it done quicker? Who can lift more weight? Performing fun workouts like this one will help you stay on track and give you some gorgeous muscles in the mean time 😉

11. 20 Minute Booty Blast Circuit

circuit workout

What you need: A timer and a towel or yoga mat.

In 20 minutes you can set your glutes on fire with this workout! The combination of exercises will build you a bangin’ booty. Remember, consistency is key. Perform it 2 to 3 times per week, for 6 to 12 weeks.

12. 5 Minute Morning Workout to Kickstart Your Day

12 Best At-Home Workout Plans For Women

What you need: A timer and a towel or yoga mat.

Performing this workout early in the morning will get your day started out on the right foot. When we start the day off making healthy choices, we’re more likely to stick to the plan all day long! Plus, this energizing workout is only 5 minutes… anyone can find 5 minutes in their morning or wake up 5 minutes earlier! No excuses! You’ll feel alert and ready to take on the day’s challenges!

What do you think about these At-Home Workout Plans for Women?

Any and all of these routines will help you reach your fitness goals! Try them out! Some will build muscle, some will shred fat and all of them will make you feel fit and healthy! What have you got to lose? Whether you only have 5 minutes or a whole hour to get a workout in, just get moving! Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments, below!

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  1. How about a yoga series? Not everyone sheltering at home is 24 years old and fit. Some of us have been in Silver Sneakers classes and need something comparable at home.

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