15 of the Best Moves for Blasting Fat

These are must-try, high-intensity, total body exercises!

15 of the Best Moves for Blasting Fat

Squats and lunges benefit your lower body, and push-ups and rows are great for your upper body. But what are the best moves for blasting fat? Technically, any exercise that gets your heart-rate pumping can help you lose weight. That said, some moves do stand out above the rest. Putting together any sequence of these high-intensity, total-body exercises will result in amazing results if performed consistently.

Optimize Your Diet for Faster Weight Loss

7-Day Meal Plan to Lose Body Fat

Before we get to the best moves for blasting fat, we need to address the importance of a healthy eating plan. Your diet matters, no matter what your goals are, but it’s particularly important when you’re trying to lose excess weight. There are three steps you should take to set yourself up for success.

1. Figure out how many calories your body needs daily to lose weight. Obviously, you don’t want to overeat if weight loss is your goal, but eating too few calories can be just as harmful. Once you find the right number of calories for your body, you’ll be well on your way to reaching your goals!

2. The most successful meal plans are built around foods that you enjoy. Think about it: If you dread each meal, what are the chances that you’ll stick to it long term? Not good. Instead, find healthy recipes that you love and watch the weight fall off! We have plenty of meal plans to choose from. Try one of these delicious and nutritious options:

3. Once you choose a meal plan, set yourself up for further success by learning how to meal prep! This will save you money, time, and unnecessary stress!

15 of the Best Moves for Blasting Fat

Jumping rope is one of the most effective fat blasting exercises out there!

Now that your diet is figured out, we can get to the fun part: The best moves for blasting fat! Turning this list of body weight exercises into a workout routine is super easy. 

Pick three to five exercises (or more, if you wish). Then, perform each move for 30 to 45 seconds, with a 15- to 30-second break after each one. The exception to this is sprinting, in which case you’ll sprint for 10 seconds and rest for 30-50 seconds.

Beginners can perform one to two rounds, intermediate exercisers can perform three to four rounds, and advanced fitness enthusiasts can complete five to six rounds! Just be sure to watch the instructional videos for each move before you begin. 

1. Burpees 

This is one of the most beneficial fat-blasting workouts around. Maintain a neutral spine and tight core as you go through the movement. Remember to jump high at the top and land with a slight bend in your knees.

2. Frog Jumps

This high-intensity exercise is like the bottom half of a burpee, but that doesn’t make it any less challenging! Keep that core tight, and remember to breathe.

3. Jumping Jacks

This exercise will take you right back to your elementary school P.E. class! There’s a reason they had you do jumping jacks then, and there’s a reason we’re having you do them now!

4. Squat Pulse

Feel the burn in your quads and glutes as you pulse up and down. This one might look easy, but just wait until you try it.

5. Squat Jump

This fat blaster may be on the same level as burpees, as far as difficulty goes. Squat jumps are a great way to boost your heart rate and shed fat. Remember to land light on your feet with a slight bend in your knees.

6. Plyometric Lunges

This move is sure to spike your heart rate and get you sweating. Move at a nice, steady pace, shifting from one leg to the other as smoothly as possible.

7. Stand-Up Sit-Ups

I love this exercise! It targets your abs and blasts fat at the same exact time. Focus on proper form – it’s tougher than it looks!

8. Side to Side Jumps

Lateral movements are a great way to challenge your body. They will also make you more athletic in general.

9. Speed Skaters

Speed skaters are an excellent exercise for beginners. Start with a steady pace and slowly increase your speed over time.

10. Mountain Climbers

This is one of the best moves for blasting fat because it challenges you from head to toe! Your upper body and core work together to keep you stable while moving your legs boosts calorie burn.

11. Fast Feet

This is another great move for beginners. It’s super simple but super effective, too!

12. Jump Rope

No jump rope? No problem! You can simulate the exercise even if you don’t have one. Jumping rope is an excellent fat blaster, as it burns about ten calories every 60 seconds!

13. Jog-In-Place

Jogging in place is an easy exercise to do, no matter where you are. Jog slow, jog fast, or utilize a combination of both. Focus on your breathing and get that heart rate up!

14. Sprints

Sprinting is a move for our more experienced readers, but practically anyone can work up to it. The techniques in this video will help you master proper form. Get ready to get outside and break a sweat!

15. Shadow Boxing

When you’re first starting out, you’ll want to focus on moving your upper body. As you get more experienced, you can add in some fancy footwork. Shadow boxing is a fun and empowering workout that every woman should try!

Remember to switch up your routine frequently to keep yourself from getting bored or burnt out. Try to have fun changing up your workouts and watch the excess fat burn right off!

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