15 Snacks Under 100 Calories You Have to Try

Here is something to satisfy your sweet, salty, and spicy cravings without feeling guilty about indulging.

We all struggle with cravings, but it can be hard to satisfy them without overindulging. It is possible, however, to get your sugar and salt fixes in a healthy way. Make and keep healthy snacks at home, so that when you’re tempted to buy a chocolate bar, you have a healthier option in front of you. You have to try these 15 snacks under 100 calories! You will find something to satisfy your sweet, salty, and spicy cravings without feeling guilty about indulging.

1. Parmesan kale chips 

3-Ingredient Crisp Parmesan Kale Chips

Satisfy your salt cravings with these 3-ingredient kale chips. They’re full of fiber and vitamins A, C, and K. Plus, they’re so easy to make!

2. Oven-baked zucchini chips 

If you’re looking for a heartier veggie chip, these zucchini chips will hit the spot. They have cayenne pepper, garlic powder, and black pepper, making them a satisfyingly tangy snack.

3. Tzatziki yogurt sauce 

Tzatziki Yogurt Sauce

Tzatziki makes a fantastic healthy snack. Our version is made with Greek yogurt, which is high in protein and probiotics. Use it as a dip for your favorite veggies or our whole-grain pita chips.

4. Vegan spinach and artichoke dip 


Don’t worry, vegans. We have a dip for you, too! Our vegan spinach and artichoke dip is low in calories, but high in flavor. Tofu adds a delicious protein boost as well!

5. Classic guacamole 

Classic Guacamole

Avocado is a true superfood, since it’s rich in fiber, potassium, and healthy fats. Our guacamole recipe clocks in at just 55 calories per serving, so you can enjoy it with almost anything! Try it dipping veggies, a slice of bread, or a few chips for a delicious snack.

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