Yoga Workout for Weight Loss

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Are you familiar with the saying “slow and steady wins the race”? Did you know that it can be true for a weight loss journey? Yoga does not always get the popular vote when it comes to serious fat burning or weight loss, yet it is an important aspect of wellness. A well-balanced fitness routine of increasing flexibility and muscle strength is a lot like eating a well balanced diet. There are various benefits to all exercise types, just like there are different benefits of different nutrients. Yoga is very helpful in the weight loss journey and has many benefits, including reduced stress, lower blood pressure, and increased flexibility.

This workout incorporates yoga exercises in a simple fashion to help introduce beginners who want to shape up to the multiple benefits and flow of yoga. Practice each exercise individually, going through ten repetitions or ten breaths. Be sure on each repetition to pay special attention to your breathing. Please note that you should be inhaling and exhaling deeply and in rhythm with each exercise. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

Equipment Needed: water for hydration and a yoga mat or soft surface.
What you’ll need for this workout: Water for hydration and a yoga mat or a soft surface.

What to Do: Complete one round of the following routine. Review the videos below for  demonstrations of each exercise.

1. Dynamic Standing Forward Fold– 10 repetitions
2. Plank to Downward Dog– 10 repetitions
3. Cat Cow Pose– 10 repetitions
4. Plank to Downward Dog– 10 repetitions
5. Side Yoga Plank– 10 repetitions each side
6. Side Yoga Lunge– 10 breaths each side
7. Chair Pose– 10 breaths
8. Bridge Pose– 10 repetitions
9. Corpse Pose– 20 breaths

Dynamic Standing Forward Fold

Plank to Downward Dog

Cat Cow Pose

Yoga Side Plank– Use same instructions for both sides

Yoga Lunge– Use same instructions for both sides

Chair Pose

Bridge Pose

Corpse Pose

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3 Comments on "Yoga Workout for Weight Loss"

  1. women fat loss  March 22, 2014

    Wow, this is great information on not only LOSING weight, but equally important – maintaining it.


  2. Kathy  June 15, 2015

    Hi… found this on Pinterest. Had a question. Do we do each pose 10 times before moving to next one or go from one to another for 10 rounds?

    Sorry for a seemingly stupid question but I am a beginner.


    • SkinnyMs  June 16, 2015

      No problem, Kathy. Where a "repetition" is noted, you will repeat the move 10 times in a row. Watch the videos at the bottom to give you an example of how the move will flow from one repetition to the next. Where "breaths" are noted, you will hold the pose for the number of breaths indicated. You should complete the entire routine one time.


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