15 Ways to Slim Down with the Walk/Run Plan

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The Walk/Run plan is ideal for people who want to lose weight, but hate the monotony of repeating the same exercise day after day. The program keeps you on your toes (literally!) by combining walking, jogging, and running intervals in a particular way in order to maximize calorie burning. The walk/run exercise program will have you torching calories and losing inches thanks to its design; specifically, its inclusion of both cardio and strength training. Two days out of the week, the program has you performing a cross-training exercise of your choice. This allows your body to rest and shift its attention towards other muscles and target areas.

The key to slimming down with this plan, however, is to have fun, stay motivated, and keep boredom at bay. You can tweak your lifestyle in a way that’ll accelerate weight loss activity. Here at SkinnyMs., we’ve compile a list of tips and additional changes you can make to your daily routine with the Walk/Run plan that’ll keep you striving and driving through your workouts, all while helping you achieve the slender figure of your dreams!

1. Running Program for Absolute Beginners

New to running? Don’t stress, running newbies! This program for beginners will help you take baby steps to reach your goals. Meanwhile, it’ll also get you to love the oftentimes tedious, or dreaded physical activity.

No workout is complete without the right tunes to keep you motivated. Check out these Top 10 Pandora Top 10 Pandora Stations for Running!

2. Ya Gotta Tabata On The Treadmill!

This tabata program plays with speed and incline intervals, designing them in such a way where it’ll have you torching calories at an optimal level. Unlike most treadmill experiences, this routine switches things up quite frequently, preventing boredom.

3. Fat-Burning Interval Training

Alternating between high and low intensity exercise revs up your metabolism and has you burning mega calories. Tackle this fat-burning workout on cross-training days when you’re not walking and running. Designed for all fitness levels, you can adjust the intensity of this workout as you please. Just don’t forget to warm up!

4. 3 Amazing Cleanse and Detox Meal Plans

Cleansing your system of toxins will help you feel your best as you take on the walk/run workout plan. When it comes to slimming and trimming, what goes on in the kitchen matters just as much as exercise. A detox plan prior to taking on this particular exercise program allows your body to rid itself of accumulated junk, getting you off to a fresh start.

5. 9 Circuit Training Workouts for Beginners

On strength training days, turn to this archive of awesome exercises! Circuit training workouts are definitely your go-to, as the routines target numerous muscle groups, allowing you to hit multiple areas while resting others. Tone, blast fat, and attain the figure of your dreams with these foolproof workouts!

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