25 Low-Calorie Summer Snacks

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Looking for tasty summer snacks that are also low in calories? This list of healthy summer foods can help. There are plenty of simple, quick foods that will satisfy your craving for something cool and delicious. The foods are packed with vitamins and nutrients, and many are very hydrating to help you beat the summer heat. Finding low calorie summer snacks that are convenient is sometimes a challenge. Many people find the heat of summer affects their appetite. Sometimes a quick, cool snack is enough to satisfy your hunger for hours. This is why light, crisp salads are so popular during the summer season. The warmer the weather the lighter the craving for most people.

If you are looking for a few convenient ideas for summer snacking, this list can help. There are 25 low-calorie summer snacks on the list, as well as a few recipes that add a little flair to the foods.

Many of the items on this list are SUPERFOODS! Learn what superfoods can do for you here.

25 Low-Calorie Summer Snacks:

1. Blueberries: A handful of blueberries is sweet and satisfying no matter how high the temperature.

2. Radishes: Radishes are often overlooked when it comes to snacking and salads, but the truth is they are one of the most flavorful veggies around. They have a clean and crisp flavor with just a touch of spice.

3. Cucumbers: Cucumbers are packed with water. This makes them low calorie and great for summer.

4. Celery: Celery is a favorite of dieters because the calorie content is so low, eating it might actually burn calories! Best of all, the satisfying crunch takes care of your craving for chips and pretzels.

5. Cantaloupe: This refreshing melon is packed with vitamins and nutrients. It tastes sweet and helps you stay hydrated.

6. Apples: A great on-the-go snack, apples will help you fight hunger and are packed full of nutrition. Apples are also a great way to quickly clean your teeth after a meal. Learn more about the health benefits of apples here.

7. Sweet Potatoes: Looking for a hearty, filling snack? Bake a sweet potato and sprinkle with cinnamon. You might also like our delicious Sweet Potato Crunchies.

8. Watermelon: Nothing says summer more than fresh watermelon cubes!

9. Broccoli and Cauliflower: These are both great for your health, but also very tasty.

10. Strawberries: Strawberries are one of the most delicious healthy foods available. They are convenient to eat and pair well with other berries to create a salad.

11. Veggies and Hummus: Summer is the best time to load up on fresh veggies. Dip them in homemade hummus for an added treat.

12. Mushrooms: Mushrooms are one of the best super foods available. They can be grilled and added to sandwiches, or tossed into summer soups. They even make a great raw snack and pair well with low-cal sauces and dips.

13. Summer Squash: Grilled summer squash is a hearty snack or perfect for a light dinner.

14. Frozen Fruit Bars: Want a cool, low-cal substitute for popsicles? Try blending  your favorite fruit and freezing on a stick.

15. Green Tea: Green tea is packed with healthy antioxidants. If you are in the mood for something special, try our Green Tea Mango Smoothie.

16. Green Beans: Green beans are more than just a side dish. Cool them in the fridge and dip them in low-cal dressing for a quick snack.

17. Papaya: Fresh tropical fruit is one of the best things about summer.

18. Banana Sorbet: Just as good as ice cream, but far fewer calories.

19. Lettuce Wraps: Anything you can wrap in a tortilla you can wrap in lettuce. Fill lettuce with beans, fresh veggies, or slaw. Try this delicious lettuce wrap that features an Asian flair.

20. Endive: Endive is a common ingredient in salad, but it can also be eaten alone. Dip in low-cal dressing for a little more flavor.

21. Honeydew: Refreshing and sweet, so it’s perfect for summer.

22. Pineapple: This sweet tropical fruit is a great zero-calorie snack. Enjoy it fresh or on the grill.

23. Mangoes: Fresh or frozen mangoes are healthy and delicious.

24. Granola and Fresh Fruit: Mix your favorite berries or cut up fruit with crunchy granola.

25. Peach Granita: Simply blend, freeze, and enjoy.

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