4 Drinks to Help You Lose Weight

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Is that soda sabotaging your weight loss? How about that super-sized latte? When it comes to shedding fat and inches, sugary drinks can be one of the hidden obstacles to getting the body you want. But did you know that some beverages can actually help your better-body efforts? Start stocking your fridge and pantry with these weight loss-friendly drinks:


Why we love it: Yes, this tried-and-true beverage should be high on the list of any woman who wants to shed weight. It’s easy to take wherever you go, prevents fluid retention (which causes bloating), doesn’t require refrigeration, and hydrates the body in the purest possible way. Make it a habit to carry a Stainless Steel Water Bottle throughout the day, so you can sip during the morning commute or while you’re waiting for a child at soccer practice.

Yummy ways to enjoy it: Plain water not your style? No problem; you have plenty of options for adding zing to that H20. If you like carbonated beverages, give sparkling water a go. Other alternatives include adding fresh lemon or lime slices. These will provide taste without a lot of extra added sugar or calories. Start your morning with a refreshing Morning Lemon & Mint Water or make a pitcher of one these 5 Drink Recipes to Flush Away the Fat, and sip throughout the day.

Unsweetened Tea

Why we love it: It’s no wonder that many cultures have enjoyed tea through the centuries. Not only does it taste good, but research now suggests that green tea may help boost the metabolism [1]. As a bonus, it delivers high doses of cell-defending antioxidants.

Yummy ways to enjoy it: When it comes to teas, you have plenty of options in the taste department. You can find unsweetened tea bags for flavors ranging from cinnamon to orange. If the tea need a little sweetening, stay away from the processed sugar that packs on the pounds. Instead, try a touch of a natural sweetener, like honey. Check out these 5 Miracle Teas for Fat Loss.

Black Coffee

Why we love it: The caffeine in that cuppa’ joe may provide a short-term boost to the metabolic rate. Caffeine is a stimulant so remember to enjoy this weight-loss friendly drink in moderation.

Yummy ways to enjoy it: Get the most out of your coffee by sticking to unsweetened black. Adding refined sugar and heavy creamer adds calories your body doesn’t need. If you cannot take it black, try this Coffee Creamer recipe made with natural fruit and milk. For a yummy cup of coffee made with low-fat milk and a touch of coconut palm sugar, check out Morning Joe in the Raw.

Natural Sports Drinks

Why we love it: Many packaged brands tend to be loaded with sugar or processed sugar substitutes that make it harder to lose weight or maintain a healthy one. Choose an all-natural brand with no added processed sugars, or make your own sports drinks, an option that gives you the power to mix in all the nutrients you want—without the extra sugar and chemicals.

Yummy ways to enjoy it: Making your own natural sports drink is easier than you think. Try this delish Orange Sports Drink recipe.

Use these drinks as healthy, weight loss-friendly replacements for the beverages that are sinking your plans for a fit and healthy body.


[1] Green Tea Boosts Metabolism (WebMD)

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    thanks for these great tips!

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    Good article! I would also put Choffy on your list! 🙂


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