5 Beautiful Skin Recipes to Beat The Effects of Processed Foods

Clean diet, clear skin.

Genetics, age, health, and even the environment affect your complexion. One key aspect of your skin health is your diet. Skin tissue needs vitamins and minerals to maintain its vitality. Getting these essential nutrients helps it keep its elasticity and acquire a youthful glow. In order to maintain beautiful, healthy skin, eat a balanced diet and steer clear of highly processed foods.

When you rely on processed foods, your skin suffers. Low-nutrient meals starve your skin of essential vitamins. Foods heavy in certain fats and sugars cause oil build-ups and breakouts. Many people are unaware of the damaging effects highly processed food has on your skin. Stay informed with these 5 Beautiful Skin Recipes to Beat The Effects of Processed Foods.

1. Too Much Salt Leaves You with Puffy Eyes.

Classic Cucumber & Tomato Salad
Make This Classic Salad for Dinner

Everyone hates puffy eye bags. Many of us assume that they’re due to lack of sleep, but an unhealthy diet can also lead to puffy eyes. Excess salt makes you retain water. This water shows on your skin, especially where it’s thin, such as around your eyes. Classic Cucumber Salad has just 38 grams of sodium per serving. Make this recipe and to reduce puffy eyes.

2. Overly Processed Foods Promote A Weakened Immune System. 

Superfoods Smoothie
Immune Boosting Superfoods Smoothie

A strong immune system fights off colds and helps you maintain clear skin. One leading cause of acne and skin irritation is unwanted bacteria. While most bacteria in your body is helpful and necessary, strange bacteria can make you break out. In order to prevent this, your body needs white blood cells that hunt down the intruders. A weakened immune system doesn’t work effectively. Foods that weaken your immune system include excess sugar, fried foods, and sodas. Boost your immune system with this Superfoods Smoothie.

3. The Effects of Processed Foods on Premature Aging

Ginger, Lime & Mint Flavored Sparkling Water
Stay hydrated with this delicious drink.

Cortisol is known as the stress hormone. Naturally-released cortisol can be helpful. Your body releases the hormone during stressful conditions or moments of low blood sugar to boost your metabolism and get you going. It provides quick energy when your body thinks you need it. Since this hormone is meant for high stress, it suppresses unessential processes, including your immune system and bone formation. Cortisol has been linked to early aging and thinning of the skin. A low immune system can also cause acne breakouts. Foods high in caffeine, such as sodas and energy drinks, cause spikes in cortisol levels. Ginger, Lime, and Mint Water is super hydrating and tastes delicious. Get the recipe here.

4. Processed Foods that Wreck Your Natural Hormone Balance.


Hormones play an important role in keeping your skin clear, especially during the teenage years. Snacks and meals made with cheap, processed meats wreck your natural hormone balance, making you break out at odd times. The cheapest meats come from farms where animals are frequently fed growth hormones, steroids, and antibiotics, all of which make their way into hot dogs, sausages, and canned meat. The effects of these additives show on your skin and have a negative affect your entire body. Check out Skinny Breakfast Sausage, made without additives or other harmful ingredients.

5. Highly Processed Foods Dehydrate Skin.

Healthiest Greek Salad Recipe
Make This Skin Hydrating Salad

The most common hydration advice is to drink eight glasses of water per day. While this is important, few people realize that your body needs fresh fruits and vegetables to stay hydrated. Our bodies expect a certain amount of water from food. Packaged foods, especially those with long shelf lives, tend to be low in water content. Snacks such as dehydrated fruit require additional moisture to digest properly. This is why dried fruit and salty snacks sap water from your skin and organs. Dehydrated skin leads to a loss of elasticity and early wrinkles. Make this Healthy Greek Salad made with whole foods.

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