5 Insanely Good Recipes for Taco Tuesdays

Taco Tuesdays got a whole lot tastier!

Family is all about tradition and spending quality time together. A great way to build this type of bond is over food! If you don’t already do “Taco Tuesdays”, we definitely think you should give it a try and have some quality recipes to get you started. If you already feast on tacos, here are some fresh and innovative recipes that you probably have never tried before. These taco recipes are fun and easy to make, so you can get the whole family involved. Not only will you enjoy putting these together, but you will love eating them too. Here are 5 insanely good recipes for Taco Tuesdays!

1. Shrimp Tacos with Sweet & Tangy Slaw

Steer clear of boring and bland tacos by trying this fresh seafood version. These shrimp tacos combine a whole lot of flavor in each and every bite. If you love sweet and tangy, then these will become your new favorite dish. The paprika and red pepper flakes coat each and every piece of shrimp and when paired with the slaw, it turns into a cool and refreshing taste. The best part of the sweet and tangy slaw is that you can pair it with practically any dish!

2. Roasted Corn and Black Bean Tacos

When preparing or eating tacos, people are often under the impression that you can’t make them vegetarian. However, that’s simply not true! This taco incorporates a ton of traditional Mexican flavors with roasted corn and black beans, providing you with a tasty Tuesday meal. All the seasoning in this taco makes up for the lack of meat, and trust us, you won’t miss it!

3. Grilled Chicken and Avocado Tacos with Cilantro Crema

Take chicken tacos to a whole new level with this recipe. Lime and cilantro are the perfect addition to any Mexican dish and this taco recipe has no shortage of both! The best part of this recipe is the cilantro cream, which you make from scratch. It is the perfect topping to a flavorful taco that includes well-seasoned chicken breasts, avocado, tomatoes, and your favorite salsa.

4. Authentic Everything Beef Tacos

Have you checked out our Everything Beef recipe? If not, you need to give that a shot! Now imagine that delicious beef in a taco? Now, you have the perfect taco dish. Add a bit of onions, cilantro, jalapenos, and salsa verde for a bit of tang, and you have a taco exploding with all sorts of flavors. A great part of this recipe, as well as all the others, is that you have full control! Add and remove as much or as little as you want for your ideal taco.

5. Paleo-ish Tacos

Often times, when we embark on new diets or try eating cleaner, we feel like we have to sacrifice our favorite dishes, but there’s no need to worry. Taco Tuesday is not going anywhere just because you are working towards a healthier lifestyle! There’s always a way to modify your favorite dishes, and this paleo-ish taco is just that. This taco includes all the traditional Mexican flavors, but the biggest difference is the shell. Instead of a corn or flour tortilla, these tacos are made of romaine lettuce leaves. With this small change, these tacos automatically become a lot healthier.

Taco Tuesdays got a whole lot more interesting with these new and fun recipes! Don’t settle for boring when you can make this family night a whole lot more exciting and get everyone involved. Let us know which taco is your favorite in the comments down below!

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