5 Low-Calorie Drink Recipes

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Psst. We’re about to let you in on a secret. The scariest part of Halloween isn’t the screaming ghouls, threatening zombies, or lurking vampires. It’s the calories hiding in your Halloween drinks! The fact is that whether you’re enjoying punch at a Halloween bash or sipping a warm chai latte as you run to the costume shop, those extra calories are doing a not-so-nice number on your waistline. That’s exactly why you need low-calorie Halloween drink recipes.

Halloween drinks can be notoriously high in calories. Many of them are alcoholic, and while alcohol in moderation is okay for some people, it really does nothing more than add empty calories to your diet. Other drinks, especially punch recipes, have a base made from sugared sodas. (Try our famous No Soda Challenge.) And it’s no use trying to lower calories by using diet soda—there’s reason to believe that artificial sweeteners can play havoc with the body as well by triggering food cravings and potentially leading to weight gain. (For healthy sugar substitutes, check out 10 Alternatives to Refined Sugar.)

But you can enjoy low-calorie drink recipes that put you in a Halloween state of mind. Don’t worry about leaving your taste buds out to dry in the fall breeze either—these recipes are yummy too. All of these are alcohol-free, so you can feel good about serving them to kids of any age and sober friends. The recipes are clean eating too, which means you’re nourishing the body with whole, minimally-processed ingredients. (What’s clean eating? Find out here.) Make this the year you make healthy Halloween drinks you will feel great about enjoying and serving.

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5 Creepy Low-Cal Drink Recipes for Halloween:

1. Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie– At just 116 calories per serving, you, the kids, or guests will love this sweet drink. The brown color is the perfect complement to your Halloween get-together décor.

2. Pomegranate Orange Spice Tea– (Pictured Above) Add blood red to the seasonal theme with these healthy Halloween drinks. In addition to green tea, orange juice, and pomegranate juice, this recipe has a witches’ brew of spices to add flavor and nutrients—and it’s only 43 calories a serving.

3. Orange-Pomegranate Green Tea– With 112 calories, this is one of the low-calorie drink recipes that works well during this season. In fact, the fun colors remind us of candy corn, but it easily works as a “witches’ brew” too. Mix it up for yourself or make a big batch so you can serve guests a drink they won’t feel bad about in the morning.

4. Flavored Water–  Green is always a hit when it comes to Halloween drinks. This recipe can be served as “monster blood,” “witches’ brew,” or any other ghoulish idea your imagination can dream up. The link shares 2 green drink possibilities: Green Pineapple Water and Kiwi Water. There are no specific calorie counts on these recipes right now, but each includes just water, fruits or veggies, and small amounts of natural sweetener

5. Chai Orange Latte– Okay, admittedly this one is not so creepy. But many of us might think that reaching for low-calorie drinks during the fall means we need to cut back on yummy lattes. Not with this recipe. Café chai lattes are often filled with sugar and calories you don’t need; instead, this recipe gives you all the taste of the season for just 59 calories.

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