6 Healthy Summer Desserts

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There’s no sweeter time than summer. From fresh ice cream to strawberry shortcake, the possibilities for summery desserts are endless…so it’s hardly fair that it’s also swimsuit season. Good news: you can still fit dessert into your lifestyle and still fit into that bikini. And here’s the even better news: we’ve got 6 fresh, healthy, fruit-based desserts that will tickle your taste buds without tipping the scale.

1. Baked Almond Peaches

Would it be cliché to say this recipe will make your day peachy? Well, don’t take our word for it! Baking peaches brings out the natural sweetness in their juices, and with the crunchy nuttiness of almonds, you’ve got a sumptuous summer dessert that’s sure to satisfy.

2. Poached Pear With Coconut Cream

This recipe proves that coconut and pear make a surprisingly perfect combo. Sweet and creamy with a hint of tropical, this dessert will bring out a little extra sweetness in your summer.

3. Yogurt & Blueberry Jam Popsicles

Nothing says summertime like popsicles! These creamy yogurt-based pops will have you reaching for seconds. And with the blueberries mixed in, that just means more vitamins and antioxidants.

4. 3-Ingredient Pineapple Skewers

Not only is this dessert healthy and delicious, it’s easy. So easy, you could even downgrade it from dessert to an anytime snack. It’s even healthy enough to serve as a side at your next barbecue!

5. Coconut Banana Ice Cream

Ice cream is typically the enemy when you’re in slim-down mode. But when you’re missing that frosty goodness, here’s an alternative: banana ice cream. Our recipe incorporates coconut for a taste that will transport you to the tropics.

6. Healthy Frozen Yogurt With Fresh Fruit Salad and Mint

Skip the trip out for fro yo and try our fresh, homemade alternative. Add a mix of fresh fruit and mint, and you have a dessert good enough to open up your own fro yo stand (but we recommend saving it all for yourself).

Last updated June 29, 2018

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