6 Rules for Lasting Weight Loss

You worked hard to lose the weight, now keep it off!

If you have finally reached your goal weight, congratulations! We know it wasn’t easy, so you should really pat yourself on the back and be proud of your accomplishments. Unfortunately, the work isn’t over. It’s easy to regain weight once you stop a diet or wellness plan, especially if you didn’t incorporate exercise and fitness into your weight-loss routine. Since you worked so hard to lose all the weight, we want to help you keep it off with these rules for lasting weight loss.

1. Incorporate Fitness into Your Everyday Life

If you used a workout plan to help you lose weight, this one will be easy! Working out on a regular basis is an simple way to keep the weight off. Weight loss is all about calories in, calories out, and exercising helps you burn more calories. You can do this with low-impact routines like walking, or you can try higher intensity workouts like HIIT.

2. Make Healthy Eating a Lifestyle

healthy eating rules for lasting weight loss

Hopefully, you started doing this during your weight-loss program, but many diet programs don’t set followers up for success once the diet ends. One of the top rules for lasting weight loss is to make healthy choices all the time instead of just during the weight-loss phase. Learn why it’s important to eat whole foods and get started today with the whole foods shopping list.

3. Know How Many Calories You Need

Everyone’s body is different, and the number of daily calories you need is unique to you. When you’re in diet mode, you probably reduced your caloric intake to create a deficit. Now that you’re in sustaining mode, you’ll need to re-calculate your daily calories. Check out our guide to learn how many calories you need.

4. Keep Portion Control in Mind

portion control

Using portion control can not only help you lose weight, but it will help you sustain lasting weight loss as well. It’s surprisingly easy to overeat, and before you know it you’ll be way over your daily calorie goal. Check out these products that can help you with portion control.

5. Stay Hydrated


Drinking water was your friend for weight loss, and it’s just as important as one of our rules for lasting weight loss. Water makes vitamins and minerals more accessible to the body, and it helps you feel fuller if you drink a glass right before a meal. If you’re not drinking enough water, check out our 30-Day 8×8 Water Challenge.

6. Avoid Stress Whenever Possible

When you’re feeling stressed, your body cranks up the production of cortisol, a hormone that causes carb cravings. This can make it easy to overeat, even if you don’t want to! Keep your body level by trying some of these yoga poses for stress relief or try using essential oils.

For more motivation to keep the weight off, check out these fitness tips to maintain your new healthy lifestyle.

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