6 Ways to Make Quinoa a Part of Every Meal

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Quinoa is popular for many reasons. One cup contains nearly half of your daily value of protein and fiber. It’s rich in vitamin B-6, iron, and magnesium. Plus, it contains all of the essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. Quinoa is good for your muscles, bones, immune system, energy production system, and more. That’s a lot of nutrition for one food source. But what can you do with it besides slap it on a plate?SkinnyMs. has a number of quinoa dishes that promise to delight. Our recipes for quinoa go beyond boring and predictable preparations. Consider the following 6 ways to make quinoa a part of every meal.

Quinoa Banana Berry Smoothie

1. Blend it up!
One of the most surprising ways quinoa can be incorporated into a meal is by blending it up into a smoothie. This adds texture as well as the aforementioned nutritional benefits to your breakfast drink. Check out our Quinoa Banana Berry Smoothie, which is full of fiber and antioxidants.

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Quinoa Breakfast Cereal

2. Make a hot cereal.
We know that oatmeal is good for us, but maybe you’re looking for a little more protein. Or maybe you’re tired of oatmeal! Cook up your quinoa and add in some natural sweetener, nuts, fruits, or seeds for a delicious hot breakfast cereal. Our Quinoa Breakfast Cereal recipe offers inspiration.

Caprese Quinoa Salad

3. Put it in a salad.
Grains make a great addition to salads, and can be served hot or cold. Instead of going a more traditional pasta salad route, consider using quinoa as your grain of choice. Try our Caprese Quinoa Salad.

4. Incorporate into a grab-and-go snack.
Cooked quinoa is nice and malleable, making it perfect for shaping into bar-form. Our Quinoa Protein Bar recipe shows you how to make a moist, chewy, and naturally-sweetened protein bar from scratch. This is a great way to get a bit of quinoa in at snack time.

Quinoa (Meatless) Meatballs

5. Use as a meat substitute.
Because of its malleable texture, quinoa can serve as a great substitute for ground meats in dinner recipes. What’s more, this is a cost-saving measure as well. Grass-fed beef, as opposed to what you get in the typical grocery store, is higher in nutrients and lower in fat, but much higher in price than grain-fed, meaning that if you go for the healthiest meat option out there, you’ll end up spending a lot of money. Substituting quinoa is a wallet-saver. Check out our Quinoa (Meatless) Meatball recipe for an idea of how to use this grain as a substitute.

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Quinoa Chocolate Drops

6. Use it in dessert!
The options end with your creativity. You can do up a mock-rice pudding, a dessert “oatmeal,” or something a little more adventurous, such as these Quinoa Chocolate Drops.

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