7 Best Weight Loss Tricks

When it comes to rapid weight loss tricks, the Internet is full of crazy diets and unrealistic fads. The good news is that you can lose weight—and keep it off—by making simple lifestyle changes. Here are the 7 best weight loss tricks to try.

7 Best Weight Loss Tricks:

#1 Hydrate with H2O.
Quick weight loss tips don’t come any easier than this one! Sipping water ensures the tummy is always a little full, which makes you less likely to give in to a carb-heavy or sugar-laden snack attack. It also reduces the chance you’ll reach for a soda or other sugary drink. Take a to-go bottle of water whenever you leave the house. Be sure to try this Strawberry-Basil Water, too.

#2 Snack for success.
Regular snacking helps boost the metabolism so you burn more calories and deliver more energy to muscles—but you can’t pop any ol’ snack into your mouth. Reach for clean eating foods with plenty of fiber and nutrients. Dive into one of these 25 Snacks Under 100 Calories.

#3 Turn off the tube.
When it comes to the best weight loss tips and tricks, you can’t beat turning off the TV. The average adult watches about 28 hours a week. Researchers found that people who maintained weight loss for more than a year watched far less TV: 62% watched less than 10 hours a week and about 33% watched less than 5 hours. Try a Fitness Challenge or Evening Yoga for Relaxation instead.

#4 Eliminate or reduce alcohol.
Want fast weight loss tricks? Cutting back on alcohol is near the top of the list. Alcohol packs the body with sugar, carbs, and empty calories. Instead, reach for a taste-alike, such as this Mojito-ish, non-alcoholic Sparkling Lime Mint Quencher.

#5 Use small plates.
This is one of those easy weight loss tricks that is shockingly effective. Eating from smaller plates helps reduce food intake. In one study, people ate 31% more ice cream when they ate from a larger bowl and 14% more when they scooped the ice cream with a larger serving spoon [2]. Take the Skinny Plate Challenge and lose pounds & inches. Find more portion tips in Learning How to Control Your Portions.

#6 Kick the sugar habit.
While the taste buds might love sugary foods, the waistline definitely does not. Reduce or eliminate added sugar from your diet to see faster weight loss. Read food labels, too—you might be surprised how much added sugar you’ll find in packaged or processed foods. Jumpstart your weight loss with the No Sugar Challenge.

#7 Crank up your workouts.
Making good food choices is important, but if you want to shed weight fast, it won’t be enough. Exercise is a gotta-have part of any fast weight loss plan. Commit to regular workouts to raise metabolism, burn fat, and tone muscle. Get where you want to be quickly with the 6 Week Emergency Makeover Program. For less than the price of a fast food splurge, you’ll receive 6 weeks of guided circuit-style workouts that will burn, tone, and tighten.

Now it’s time to get to work! Which quick weight loss tips will you try today?

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